August 25, 2006

Remember sniglets?  Do you have any favorites?  Have you ever made up your own word?  (Now’s as good a time as any.)

I really had no idea what a Sniglet was until I looked it up as reference for this question. Hm

One word I have taken credit for is Passhole (Noun,) A ‘passhole’ is a DIsneyland Annual Passholder who feel that their own personal enjoyment of the park takes priority over that of everyone else, and abuses their knowledge of Disney theme parks to do so. These include people who know which kind of faked injuries can get them onto rides through the exit, and where to wait several hours in advance to get a perfect seat for shows and parades.

My least favorite passhole has to be a middle-aged African-American man and his pre-teen son. They were coming through The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh looking for secret ‘Hidden Mickeys’ inside of the attraction. I told them where one of them was, and jokingly said that if I told them the rest they wouldn’t be ‘hidden.’ Confused, the two boarded their ride vehicle and that was the last I saw of them…

Until I was summoned by my supervisor that day to hear that the man and his child were ‘distraught’ about the entire situation. Although my supervisor was annoyed he had to deal with the guests at all, he understood how my comment might be misinterpreted by someone who obviously wasn’t too bright in the first place.

Weeks later I was working the same attraction one night when I saw the two of them once again. It was at that point that I saw the lanyards around their necks, from which their annual passes proudly hung. Fortunately the passholes didn’t seem to recognize me, and bothered one of my co-workers with the same exact question that had caused me so much grief.


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