Good for a Laugh

September 13, 2006

Show us a picture of someone that can always makes you laugh.


This is me and my token Jewish friend, Andrea. We were once co-workers at Disneyland, but have grown distant in recent months due to dramatic tension with myself and our mutual friend (ex-friend?) She is one of the brightest, funniest and most genuine person I know, and I’m genuinely concerned I’m not going to be able to reclaim said friendship to the way it once was.

Anyway, this photo is from my camera phone, taken in Long Beach sometime last year. Us and another co-worker had decided to visit the famous luxury liner, The Queen Mary, and an authetic Russian submarine which is docked nearby for tourists.

This was the first time we had hung out with just the two of us, and any awkwardness there was quickly vanished when we started talking about Saved By The Bell for one reason or another. As it turns out we are both huge fans of the show, and nerds, so much so that we held a Saved By The Bell-themed costume party several months later.

Someone who volunteers to throw a Saved By The Bell-themed party at their home is okay in my book.


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