Some Toys Scare Me: TMX

September 26, 2006

I’m a huge fan of toys. At the very least, I’m a huge fan of toy stores. The novelty of most toys wears off for me after a few minutes, so rather than spending my money on an Easy Bake Oven I can go to the store, stare at the box for a few moments, and leave satisfied. Those few toys that I do buy usually end up on display in my bedroom, although that’s not really an option for my current living situation. One day I tried bringing a Batman Lego set to the apartment, and Aaron made me put it together in the closet.

Anyway, my outrageously heterosexual friend Steve came over the other day, claiming he had something that he needed to show me right away. Me, fearing for the worst, figured it was a new addition to his vast gun collection, or some kind of annoying Flash animation.

Sadly, this was much worse that I could have possibly ever imagined.

For some reason Steve was walking through the toy aisles at Target when he stumbled across a large crowd of parents lining up to get a copy of the new Tickle Me Elmo 10th Anniversary Doll, Codenamed “TMX.” Seeing an opportunity, he lined up with the group and purchased two of the dolls on the spot. From there he went straight to my apartment to show the dumb thing off.

I can’t really explain why Elmo frightens me, but I think a big part of it is the full range of movement it has. When I was a child I had a Teddy Ruxpin doll; although it was a Great-Grandfather to TMX in a lot of ways, all it could really do was move its’ mouth and read a story.

Elmo is smart — really smart. Also, a bastard. If you ignore him for a few minutes, he will ask why you aren’t tickling him. Then when you do tickle him, he begs for you to stop! He can’t make up his mind, and it drives me insane. Growing up I was never concerned that Teddy might start a machine uprising against me and my loved ones. With Elmo I think about it constantly.

Thankfully Steve auctioned off both of these monsters online for a tidy profit, and with them sold out across the country I won’t have to worry about the invasion for a while at least.


3 Responses to “Some Toys Scare Me: TMX”

  1. N Says:

    Ha, "outrageously heterosexual." That made me laugh.
    That turn toward the camera at the end of the video is what frightens me most.

  2. Sara Says:

    "One day I tried bringing a Batman Lego set to the apartment, and Aaron made me put it together in the closet." That made me giggle. Sorry.Anyway, this is basically the most terrifying thing I have seen, ever. This is not a happy, laughing, toy. I look at this and I see a demon possessed, red-as-blood, convulsing, screaming…thing. You probably think I'm using the term "demon possessed" in a playful, hyperbolic sort of way, but I am not.

  3. Dead Says:

    Elmo is everything that's bad about Sesame Street. It used to be clever, and treat children with some dignity, as well as be sly enough to keep parents interested. Now it's basically a vehicle for a perpetual 3 year old who speaks like a retard and never learns a damn thing. It's not fair. 😦

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