Elbow, Macaroni

October 28, 2006

There is a growing concern from management that I’m rude and unhappy at work. While there is no evidence to support this, I think this image of me being so negative is preventing me from moving up in the server world as a bartender or trainer. Every time the idea of promotion is brought up my fellow servers seem incredibly supportive, but management just rolls their eyes and promises that they will ‘keep me posted.’

Since I’m not even sure I want to move up in the server world, it’s the principle of this that bothers me the most.  I have tried on multiple occasions explaining to them that I’m only rude to rude people, and only outwardly unhappy to my co-workers and management (which is for good reason, since most of them are tools.) Simple logic is lost here, though, and I doubt they will ever be able to understand the fascinating and multi-faceted person I am.

A promise example of this is earlier this afternoon. It was about 3 in the afternoon, and during the early afternoon we don’t have a hostess scheduled to greet customers. I was speaking to the bartender, away from the entrance when a pair of foreign gentlement entered. I say ‘foreign’ because I’m unsure of their ethnicity, and also because it might explain what happened next.

Rather than wait at the front of the restaurant to be directed to a table they walked up and down the aisles until they found one they like, and sat themself. Nobody else seemed to have notice this; I took it upon myself to move the two to an area of the Macaroni Grill where someone would actually be able to serve them (as opposed to in a remote corner.) I walked up to the men, and, feigning ignorance, asked them if they had already been helped.

‘We helped ourselves!’ One laughed, failing to understand how the proccess of sitting in a restaurant actually works. Even at Denny’s a hostess or server will assign you to a table, anyone who tries to bypass this simple step is breaking an unspoken rule among restaurant patrons. Before I could ask them to move somewhere more appropriate, our General Manager swooped in to interrupt me and greeted the two. He then orders another server to take care of the two men, and asks to speak to me in private:

‘Don’t get so mad at them,’ I’m told, ‘It’s not the end of the world if they sit themselves.’

Yes it is! What if they start cooking the food themselves? Then we’re all out of a job.

So that’s that the gist of it. Apparently me getting ready to move the two was an act of war. ‘The customer is always right’ is not an excuse; even at Disneyland we knew when to tell someone what they were doing was wrong, and those people paid 50 dollars a head to get enter through the gates! In order to give our guests a proper experience, they need to play by our rules. Our rules include being sat by us, as opposed to wherever the heck they want. Next time I eat out I’m just going to take a table of my choosing, and see what the reaction is then. Of course, this is only a minor complain, but it represents my issue with the management pretty well. I have a headache right now just thinking about the whole thing, which is kind of a relief, seeing as it takes my mind off of some unbearable elbow pain.

My rights elbow hurts tremendously right now. So much so that I left work early because of it. As far as I know I haven’t crashed it into anything, and given the fact that I’m left-handed this injury isn’t because of overuse. First it began to sting when I extended it, but it nows hurt tremendously whenever I move it at all. Co-workers have suggested I pulled a set of muscles (which would make sense, given where the pain is located) but if it hurts in the morning I’m going to the hospital. I. don’t. do. pain.

I’m fully aware that many people (women for one) have to deal with pain on a regular basis, but it is not the norm for me. In all of my years I have managed to avoid broken bones or other major injuries — in fact, the only surgery I’ve ever had was an appendicitis in the fourth grade. In fact, if the world were filled with people like me, nobody would ever go through the torture of childbirth and life would end on Earth as we know it.

I’m a wimp, a baby and a coward. When I hurt I expect everyone to drop what they are doing and shower me in attention and presents.


4 Responses to “Elbow, Macaroni”

  1. Sara Says:

    *showers you in attention and/or presents*

  2. I think any work location is full of tools. It's difficult to understand how to manage tools appropriately and not get in trouble with the equally toolriffic managers. I haven't figured it out yet but when I do I'll be sure to share. Maybe it's time to try another job?

  3. AzureWolf Says:

    There's nothing wrong with looking for a life with no pain. I think that's what everyone wants out of life (although I'm all for physical injuries, hehe). You're not a wimp or coward for wanting to avoid pain and suffering. Your body is telling you that something is wrong, and so you listen more than others do. At least that's how I see it.Principles are important, too. While there are times you can accept that people don't know any better, that does not go hand-in-hand with the fact that you should do something about it. If someone is walking off a cliff, it's understandable that they didn't see it, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't tell them (ok, so it's not that extreme). The problem with principles is that if you try to adhere to them, even without making a big deal, people think you are tightwad.I've SO been there.

  4. Tony Says:

    Jobs are, unfortunately, passed around not really by doing your job well, but making it seem as though you love the crap that no one would. You kind of have to keep up that facade all of the time… whether it's a customer or a bus boy talking to you.

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