Three Ring Government

November 8, 2006

It’s only once every two years that Americans are genuinely concerned about what other people think. Watching the election results roll in is always fun for me, and despite how you feel about the candidates and the issues, there’s no denying how exciting it is when the balance of American power is shifted one way or another. I can only hope that this will be the beginning of great change and unity, as opposed to being in a situation where legislation becomes a pissing match between the Executive and Legislative branches of the government. Remember that your vote counts*!


Election Day could not come soon enough for my Grandmother, who remains as passionate as ever in this, her 26th presidential election. Most families don’t have to deal with their Grandparents posting campaign advertisements on their front yard, but I think I’m better off for seeing that passion. She has always been vocal about forcing her political opinions onto her offspring, and those results have been mixed. One one end of the spectrum is my Brother, who takes great joy in arguing loudly with mycGrandmother about the President, the war, and pretty much anything she could have an opinion about. The verdict is still out on whether he does this because he likes the discussion, or simply because he’s an asshole.

My Sister, who will vote for the first time in ’08, will probably end up voting based on the issues, rather than the candidates or their political parties. My Mother, who has had to deal with our Grandmother the longest, simply lost interest in politics altogether.

Personally, I find my own beliefs to be somewhere between my sister and my Grandmother: I’m very passionate about certain issues, but I choose to keep quiet about my opinions. Shutting my mouth keep me safe during family gatherings, and more importantly, during those times when Aaron and I listen to talk radio.

It’s important to me that people vote, though it’s not necessarily important to me that anyone talk to me about who they voted for.

*Unless it’s the Presidential Election where the Electoral College can basically do whatever they want.


6 Responses to “Three Ring Government”

  1. Sara Says:

    On that note.

  2. Sara Says:

    Also, I'm sure you knew this, but I appreciate the post title.

  3. N Says:

    I deny the excitement. I'm curious, and I'm happy whenever the government is not run by one party, but it holds no excitement for me.
    Not when I have a philosophy paper to write!

  4. Tony Says:

    You have to really go with issues because both parties have problems… it's particularly hard when they act differently in office than they claimed they would. I suppose that's why past actions matter so much and why they always get scrounged up lol.I rarely bring this stuff up unless it really pisses me off. Most of the time I shut up about it unless it's clear someone else wants to discuss it. Then I have a lot more to say.

  5. Shinmaru Says:

    Too bad that the excitement of elections is always ruined by the fact that the Democrats, Republicans or both are in charge.

  6. N Says:

    My feelings exactly.

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