My Favorite Holiday Movie

December 24, 2006

What’s your favorite holiday movie?

‘Muppet Family Christmas’ is only a TV movie, but it’s by far my favorite holiday anything. Being the comic book nerd that I am I have always been fond of crossover events, and ‘Muppet Family Christmas’ is the greatest Muppet crossover of them all. It features not only the Muppet characters, but also the Sesame Street crew and the Fraggles as well.

The basic premise involves Fozzy Bear inviting the whole gang up to his Mother’s cabin in the mountains, only he doesn’t realize that his Mother has rented out the cabin for the holidays — wacky antics ensue! Great moments include the Swedish Chef trying to cook Big Bird for a Christmas Feast, and Robin learning the true meaning of Christmas from the Fraggles.

Seeing as this is a ‘Muppet Family Christmas’ music is featured quite prominently in the special as well. You haven’t lived until you’ve heard the Electric Mayhem perform ‘Jingle Bell Rock.’


One Response to “My Favorite Holiday Movie”

  1. Tony Says:

    I've seen Muppet Family Christmas on television WAY back, but I honestly don't remember a thing about it.I know this isn't related, but I got your package. It's awesome. Thank you.Did you read that Gameboy comic? That grumpy guy in the beginning is just nuts. I cannot even believe some of that was in a comic for children, even if the guy is supposed to be portrayed as "bad". Liberal politicians? Shooting the homeless? I mean, christ lol.Also, Fables is freaking awesome. I didn't know there was a standalone book for it at all.I'm working on yours, but I've been off for a while and I only work two days again this week. It's hard to do what I wanted to just yet.

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