Piggy Bank

January 3, 2007

Over a year ago Aaron and I visited LA’s Chinatown. If you’ve ever actually a Chinatown outside of San Francisco (or possibly China) you’ve no doubt found yourself underwhelmed by the place. Many of the buildings are run down, businesses are closed or filfthy tourists flood the streets. I’m not even sure I saw any Chinese food restaurants there, bleh.


Anyway, we manage to stumble across a small store that sold all sorts of novelty crap, ranging from samurai swords to imitation jade panda bears! With only a few dollars in my pocket I spent nearly an hour trying to figure out what I was going to take home with me as a souvenir. Finally I settled upon an enormous gold piggy bank. It was easily the size of a real pig, and the coolest thing ever.

In my serving job I end up with quite a bit of change, so within a few months the pig was almost completely full. I had decided that my pig’s savings would go towards my 21st birthday trip to Las Vegas, and when that day finally rolled around I had saved over 200 dollars in pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters! Unfortunately to open the pig I had to smash it into pork rinds, meaning that I was now left without a handy holder for all of my loose change.

After many months of filling up cup holders, junk drawers and coffee cups with cash my Tim was generous enough to give Aaron and I a new, larger pig for Christmas. Between the two of us I expect the pig to be filled up rather quickly, just in time for another trip to Vegas.


4 Responses to “Piggy Bank”

  1. N Says:

    I love the product placement in the pic. Adam West 4evar.

  2. Charlie Says:

    I love China town in NYC, because it is everything you said a Chinatown
    should be and really nothing else. A few years back my friend and
    I got absolutely bombed and bought two imitation kendo sticks and
    staged a mock sword fight on a street corner. Nothing pisses
    tourists off than there path being impeded by drunken sword play.

  3. Dead Says:

    All my moneybanks have always had like, a rubber stopper in the bottom, so I wouldn't have to smash em.

  4. don't you think its more fun and rewarding when you get to smash it when its full?

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