Vox Hunt: Signed, Sealed, Delivered.

January 30, 2007

Photo: Show us a postage stamp.


I’m quite fond of Hawman, in spite of how ridiculous he may seem at times. While Superman has incredible power, or Batman his training and gadgets, all Hawkman fights crime with is a pair of wings and a mace. This is not to say he isn’t intimidating, though — if you break the law he is going to hit you with a mace! I know if I were a criminal I’d be scared…

5 Responses to “Vox Hunt: Signed, Sealed, Delivered.”

  1. Tony Says:

    Every time I go the post office I want to ask them for books of super hero stamps, but I never wind up doing it.

  2. Sara Says:

    I have superhero stamps AND Wonders of America stamps, both of which make me grin every time I send something.

  3. N Says:

    [das ist gut]

  4. N Says:

    Sorry, what I meant to say was "has a backstory so complicated and inconsistent that he comes off as absurd."

  5. Tony Says:

    The only good character that wears a bird mask is Harvey Birdman.

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