March 3, 2008

Hello and thank you for visiting! I’ll do my best to be somewhat entertaining here… so let’s get started, shall we?

This deck started out as a star-studded Bizarro World build, but I ultimately realized that I did not have the card pool to create what I had in mind. Besides, there is a perfectly consistent, affordable and powerful Legend abuse deck waiting to be used with the Hellboy Essential Collection. All you need is the poor man’s Bizarro (aka Clayface) and you’re set! 


8x Damn Nazis
4x Kate Corrigan
4x Basil Karlo <> Clayface, Slimy Shapeshifter
2x Abe Sapien
4x Hellboy, Little Boy
4x Hellboy, Anung Un Rama
2x Hellboy, Right Hand of Doom

2x B.P.R.D. Signal Device
2x Concussion Grenade or Jetpacks
2x Dual Sidearms

4x Cavendish Hall
2x Weapons Lab
4x Break off the Horns
4x Pancakes
4x Something Is Coming
2x Hunte Castle
2x Flying Kick or a tech card of your choosing.

This deck relies in the power of Something is Coming, easily one of the most powerful and underrated cards in the game. All you have to do is recruit Hellboy and you net a free card of your choosing. You can recruit a Hellboy on 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7, meaning that at the least you should be taking advantage of SomCom once or twice a game. Clayface is also vital in this deck, as he becomes a fake Hellboy, and can become the target of your various Hellboy-centric plot twists.

Mulligan conditions: Kate Corrigan and a Damn Nazi. Just a Damn Nazi should be fine, though.

Turn 1: Recruit a Damn Nazi.

Turn 2: Recruit Kate Corrigan, and bounce her back to find Cavendish Hall. If you have Cavendish Hall already, then flip it to crossover BPRD and Thule Society and search out something else.

Turn 3: Recruit Kate Corrigan, and bounce her to search for a location of your choosing. Try to recruit the 1 drop Hellboy and play Something is Coming is you have it.

Turn 4: Recruit a Hellboy, play Something is Coming to find a combat pump of your choosing. Hit something hard, ready, rinse, repeat.

Turn 5: Recruit Clayface, turn him into a Hellboy. The have him do the same thing Hellboy did. Your original Hellboy won’t be able to gain counters anymore with another visible character on board, but it’s not a big deal. Your multiple attacks should more than make up for your lack of counters.

Turn 6: Play Abe Sapien while recruiting a Dual Sidearms on the Hellboy of your choosing. Or if one of your Hellboys were KO’d, recruit another Hellboy with the dual sidearms. This may actually prove to be the better option if you have a Something is Coming in the wings.

Turn 7: If for some reason this game makes it past 6 (which is possible due to a lack of firepower in this deck) putting the 7-dtop Hellboy out should grant you a free stun, and force your opponent’s remaining characters into an uncomfortable position.

This deck should be surprisingly consistent, although it will suffer against rush decks. One idea would be to play Inner Sanctum, on 3, which would help when dealing with swarms on turns 3 and 4. Like most Hellboy builds, your hand size will be pretty large for most of the game. Feel free to empty it out with a lot of power-ups (especially since you’ll need a Hellboy in your KO pile for Clayface’s power to work.)



2 Responses to “Hellface!”

  1. gdaybloke Says:

    Hey! You’re using the same theme I’m using at Lost Hemisphere! … good thing you make fun decks, or I’d have ta beat ya up 😉

  2. kamiza Says:

    I have to say, that’s the best voting button I’ve seen so far!! Amazing stuff.

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