Hobby League: Overdraft Fees

March 5, 2008

Today’s Wednesday, which means it’s time to throw something fun together for our new local Hobby League.

I recently secured a fourth copy of Recruiting Drive, so the natural team to work with is the Outsiders. I had created a surprisingly effective JLI/Outsiders buildm but it lacked the damage neccessary to win on most games. Last week I gave the Legion a second look, most importantly Legion World, and knew right away what needed to be done.

The deck idea is simple. Wipe your opponent’s clean with Batman and the Outsiders, burning them with the combined mght of Batman and Legion World. This deck should also be surprisingly consistent between Recruiting Drive, Booze Elementals and draw power. There will also be a lot of character bouncing happening on both sides, so it should be interesting to play. Let’s take a look at the list…


Overdraft Fees
(Because when things bounce, it hurts.)

1x Thunder, Anissa Pierce
4x Jazmin Cullen * Kid Quantum, Hero of Xantu
2x Faust, Sebastian Faust
1x Halo, Gabrielle Doe
2x Owen Mercer * Captain Boomerang Jr., Prodigal Son
4x Technocrat, Geoffrey Baron
3x Triad, Lurnu Durgo
1x Looker, Emily Briggs
3x Katana, Tatsu Yamashiro
2x Ferro Lad, Andrew Nolan
2x Timber Wolf, Brin Lando
2x Bouncing Boy, Chuck Taine
3x Kimiyo Hoshi Dr. Light, Sunburst
4x Batman, Twilight Vigilante

4x Recruiting Drive
4x Booze Elementals
4x Legion World
4x Past, Present and Future
4x Legion of Super Pets
4x Batman and the Outsiders
2x United Planets HQ

Mulligan: Past, Present and Future, Legion World and/or a Legion character.

Preferred Initiative: Odds.

Turn 1: 1-drop of your choice. Technocrat would be fun for the draw power.

Turn 2: 2-drop of your choice. Try to get the team-up if possible.

Turn 3: Triad, Triad, Triad. If you have the team-up secured you can play Batman and the Outsiders, bouncing their three and stunning their two. Fun!

Turn 4: Batman in the concealed. You should have a remaining visible character left after your opponent attacks you, so you can team attack with Bats. Using this with Legion World you’ll be able to deal 12 damage.

Turn 5: Kimiyo + Katana or Timber World and a 1 drop: You should have five characters in play, allowing you to free stun their four, and team attack into their five. This will deal 15 damage off the single team attack, plus an additional 4 for the stun. You can also play Batman and the Outsiders to bounce their 4, or anyone else if you’d like. Their board should be totally bare at this point.

Turn 6: Vomit out as many characters as you can, Your opponent should only have a single attack (possibly two) at their disposal, This leaves you with an opening to end the game, if the game hasn’t ended already. Batman and Legion World in a team attack can deal 18, plus whatever breakthrough the rest of your guys are capable of.

I’ll be sure to update you when I find out how it plays.


One Response to “Hobby League: Overdraft Fees”

  1. Pure sweetness. Staying tuned to see the results…

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