This Week’s Comics

March 5, 2008

So it turns out that I’ll buy anything with Darwyn Cooke’s name on it.


This Justice League: New Frontier Special looks to be an anthology of smaller stories set in the same universe as the mini-series. I’m not expecting a lot in the way of storytelling, but Cooke’s Space-Age charm and artwork should be more than enough to justify the purchase. I only hope they don’t feature Hal Jordan in any significant way, since he bores me to tears.

The Justice League: New Frontier movie was also surprisingly not bad, despite how much they had to cut out of the adaptation. Given the anthlogy nature of this New Frontier Special it shouldn’t be difficult for fans of the movie to enjoy. Buy it now!


One Response to “This Week’s Comics”

  1. This blog was already kicking all sorts of ass, now you give me that scratchy itchy eye-candy???

    I’m hooked.

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