Moore Better

March 7, 2008

The AV Club has part one of an excellent primer on comics god Alan Moore. Given the success of the V for Vendetta film, and hopefully, Watchmen, it’s definitely worth checking out.

It’s always weird to see the media give Alan Moore so much attention when his movies come out, since that’s the absolute last thing he wants. He is notoriously reclusive (save for an awesome cameo on The Simpsons,) and only steps into the spotlight to bash DC for destroying his works. Fun guy.


Here is a pretty good summary of the various problems Alan Moore has had with DC Comics over the years. One of the biggest concerns is that Moore wants to complete ownership of his creations. Unfortunately, given how popular his work has become over the years that’s never going to happen.

However, he does seem to have a lot of say in the merchandising of his characters. In the past he has ordered that entire lines of Watchmen action figures be cancelled before they reached production, and only a handful of officially licensed products have ever been made with his characters.


Does this mean we’ll ever get an Alan Moore Essential Collection? Probably not. But I’d rather see no Watchmen merchanidse at all than a bunch of hastily thrown together crap.


2 Responses to “Moore Better”

  1. tudor5 Says:

    Comic, Movie, whatever it is that Milhouse has in his hands, I want. NOW!

  2. I relate. It isn’t easy being so close to the flame. Promethea is my favorite of his works, and I would completely freak out if we ever got her myth in our cards, but Alan Moore will surely never let it happen.

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