Overdraft Fees: Part Deux

March 7, 2008

So anyway, I got hosed. And to this crazy beast of a Mooninite deck.


Moon Knight, whatever.

The biggest thing that hurt me was having to play my team-up on turn 6, which ended up in direct conflict with the “Play only if you have played no other plot twists this turn” text on Batman and the Outsiders. My solution is to make all of my Team-Ups locations, which is something I probably something should have done in the first place. Otherwise I thought it did a strong job, and was very consistent. I’m going to be throwing Wylde into the mix as well. Although he is a 2-drop I feel his potential for burn could be just enough to push me into victory.

Brooklyn HQ is still being considered for the deck, but since I have no copies of it anyway it’s kind of a moot point.

Overdraft Fees: Part Deux

1x Thunder, Anissa Pierce
4x Jazmin Cullen * Kid Quantum, Hero of Xantu
2x Faust, Sebastian Faust
1x Halo, Gabrielle Doe
2x Owen Mercer * Captain Boomerang Jr., Prodigal Son
4x Technocrat, Geoffrey Baron
3x Triad, Lurnu Durgo
2x Wylde, Charlie Wylde
3x Katana, Tatsu Yamashiro
2x Ferro Lad, Andrew Nolan
2x Timber Wolf, Brin Lando
1x Bouncing Boy, Chuck Taine
3x Kimiyo Hoshi Dr. Light, Sunburst
4x Batman, Twilight Vigilante

4x Recruiting Drive
4x Booze Elementals
4x Legion of Super Pets
4x Batman and the Outsiders
4x Legion World
2x Stark Tower
4x United Planets HQ

The good news is that we got a couple of new players in our Hobby League this week. One was all-new, while the other was an old player who saw us playing and felt like giving it a shot. Hopefully we’ll see both of them in future weeks, since we expect to be getting our prize support soon. Very exciting times!


2 Responses to “Overdraft Fees: Part Deux”

  1. tudor5 Says:

    Just as good of news, both your team-up locations have terraform.

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