Hobby League: Secret Silver Revenge!

March 27, 2008

My favorite deck ever is my Golden Age Revenge Squad/Secret Six. They have the right amount of firepower, tech, and annoyance to give just about any opponent a run for their money. However, since my new mission is to create more competitive Silver and Modern decks, it was time I give the Squad a major update and overhaul.


Hello Metallo, I love you. Burning your opponent for 4, 5 and 6 is simply too good to be true, and buries your opponent in an endurance hole so quickly they don’t have time to react. But this deck isn’t really a one-trick pony, let’s look at the rundown.

Secret Silver Revenge

4x Mad Hatter, Mad as a Hatter
4x Terra Man
2x Natasha Irons * Starlight, Everyman Project
4x Catman
3x Parademon, Apokoliptian Ally
2x Professor Emil Hamilton * Ruin, Power Suit
4x Metallo, Kryptonian Heart
1x Ragman, Resilient Rogue
3x Preus
1x Darkseid, The Omega
1x Brainian 2.5, Future Intelligence
4x Scandal

4x Future Shock
4x Help Wanted
4x Battle for Metropolis
3x Executive Privilege
2x Imprisoned in the Source
2x Multiverse Power Battery
2x New Mutations
1x World’s Worstest
1x Total Anarchy
1x Absolute Dominance
1x Magical Lobotomy
1x Knowledge is Power
1x Never-Ending Battle

Objective: Fill the resource row with Ongoing plot twists, abuse the heck out of Scandal, and dump out free characters Parademon and Mad Hatter for extra damage. Mulligan for Help Wanted, a low-drop Revenge Squad character and (hopefully a member of the Secret Six as well.)

  • Turn 1: Nothing.
  • Turn 2: Terra Man preferably.
  • Turn 3: Play Catman in the concealed. Flip Help Wanted to hopefully team up RS/SS. If you fail and have to team up Secret Six with itself, that’s fine. You can always search out Help Wanted again using Scandal. Ruin is your back-up, although you’d want to play Catman in most every situation to set up for your next turn.
  • Turn 4: Metallo, Metallo, Metallo. Ragdoll is technically in the deck, but he is a last resort. Swarming with a Terra Man and Natasha Irons would be preferable to playing him. Don’t be afraid to stun Metallo, because Catman should keep him safe from KO effects.
  • Turn 5: Preus. On initiative this will probably be your kill. Pump up Metallo with Future Shocks to take out their 5, and when he gets stunned toss out Parademon in your front row for free. (If you can get Mad Hatter out there as well, do it because they can team attack into most 4’s with a Battle for Metropolis in play.) Catman will slam into the remaining character, and then Preus will go in for a bunch of damage.
  • Turn 6: On initative you want Brainiac to take out their 6 (or 5, if need be.) Then follow the plan as outlined.

Admittedly the deck is not as powerful as its’ Golden counterpart (taking out Maxima and Atomic Skull hurts a lot,) but it’s more than competitive in my local metagame. The Secret Six/Revenge Squad pairing is very natural, so I’m surprised not to see a lot of variations of this deck floating around on the net.

As always, if you see some room for improvement let me know.


2 Responses to “Hobby League: Secret Silver Revenge!”

  1. I like the team-up…and I’m always glad to see Secret Six being used. Looks like a fun deck.

  2. hobby ideas Says:

    Thanks for your post, very informative !

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