Artists I Love: Kumahachi

March 31, 2008



I found him one afternoon while searching for pictures of the JSA, and was immediately blown away by the energy of his pieces. You haven’t lived until you’ve seen Mr. Terrific and Alan Scott draw like they were manga!

K Kumahachi (whose full name I don’t know) is a Japanese artist, but it’s hard to tell because I can’t read most of the text on his site. Just from this small sampling of his work one can see that he’s incredibly talented, and has a great knack for color and design. It’s not difficult to imagine Kumahachi’s art ending up on VS. cards, or even in mainstream comic books.




Sadly, he has not updated his personal site in almost two years; but has recently created a DeviantArt account, and will hopefully start posting regularly on that.


One Response to “Artists I Love: Kumahachi”

  1. tudor5 Says:

    Does he do commissions? If so, then I want to see his take on the LoSH mobilize art. His Speedy with Robin looks pretty awesome.

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