Crime Lords Month: The Enforcers

April 1, 2008

 Welcome to the first installment of the site’s coverage of Crime Lords Month, presented by The Brave and the Blog, and Lost Hemisphere! The entire goal of this endeavor is to celebrate one of VS’ most underrated teams, through building new decks and spotlighting some underrated Crime Lords characters.

As you know I’m a big fan of thugs here at The Brave and the Blog. There’s no telling what Crime Lords will look like in Marvel Universe, but I can only hope that three of my favorite thugs will make an appearance somehow…

montana2.jpg fancydan3.jpg ox2.jpg

The Enforcers! Are you excited yet? Awesome!

For over forty years The Enforcers have been three of Spider-Man’s greatest foes. Montana, Fancy Dan and Ox are notorious assassins in the New York City underworld, and have repeatedly crossed paths with the webhead since Amazing Spider-Man #10. In their first appearance they were hired by a criminal mastermind by the name of “Mr. Big,” but over the years they have worked for the Green Goblin, Wilson Fisk, and most recently The Hood.

The group only rarely resorts to firearms, instead choosing to take out their targets using a combination of their various skills:

  • Montana acts as the group’s leader, and uses a lasso with deadly precision.
  • Fancy Dan stands at barely five feet tall, but is an incredibly skilled martial artist.
  • The Ox… well… the Ox is big and hits things hard.

Many writers shrug off the group as a joke, but The Enforcers are so much more than that. It’s no coincidence that the trio has been hired by every major crime lord in New York City: they are talented, ruthless, and fiercely loyal. In their most recent appearance The Enforcers managed to take on Wrecker (who is a Thor villain for crying out loud!) to a virtual standstill. How many thugs do you know who can do that?


There are few supporting characters with as much history (and style) as The Enforcers. While I love their plot twist from Marvel Team-Up I want more, and by more I mean ‘character cards.’ The Enforcers are the most natural characters for a Crime Lords/Sinister Syndicate team-up, and hopefully Marvel Universe will be able to make that dream a reality.

And really, if you don’t understand how awesome a five-foot tall martial artist name ‘Fancy Dan’ is, then you don’t understand comics.


4 Responses to “Crime Lords Month: The Enforcers”

  1. gdaybloke Says:

    Fancy Dan vs Puck!

  2. kaleeshwarrior Says:

    I can honestly say that I’d never heard of The Enforcers before the Vs. card. Maybe it’s because I rarely read actual comics and just watch the TV shows/movies or research via the internet.

    Still, love Fancy Dan just from that description. Absolutely love him. Give the man a card!

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