CLM: Hobby League: You’ve Been Netdecked!

April 3, 2008

This week’s Hobby League had a fantastic turnout, and we were pleasantly surprised to have some extra players join us. This brought our ranks up to a healthy 6, a major improvement over where we have been in the past few weeks.

Sadly, our plan to play ‘mini-decks’ fell apart with these new players, but that didn’t stop me from playing Crime Lords!


Tonight I decided to pilot a new Marvel Knights/Crime Lords built in honor of Crime Lords Month. I was having a great time with it when I began watching the match taking place next to mine. One of our new players recruited a copy of Halo, immediately followed by Katana on turn 2. That’s odd. Those are the first two drops in my Grace deck from a few weeks ago…

As their game continued I realized that he WAS playing my Grace deck! He admitted that he found the deck on Stu’s ‘Rallying Cry,’ and thought it was a lot of fun. Though I had little success with it a few weeks earlier, he went the entire night with Grace undefeated. If I wasn’t so flattered that a complete stranger had ‘netdecked’ me, I probably would have been jealous of how well he played it.

Perhaps if we’re lucky lightning will strike twice!

Midnight Crime – Bring Your Own Set

4x Vanessa Fisk, Mob Matron
4x Dagger, Child of Light
4x Iron Fist, Danny Rand
3x The Hand, Army
4x Elektra, Elektra Natchios
1x Death Stalker, Phillip Sterling
4x Luke Cage, Street Enforcer
2x Ylena Belova * Black Widow, Enemy Agent
4x Elektra, Agent of The Hand
1x Natasha Romanoff * Black Widow, KGB Killer
1x Kingpin, The Kingpin of Crime

4x Midnight Sons
4x Uprising
4x Crime and Punishment
4x Wild Ride
4x Quick Kill
2x Penance Stare
2x Swan Dive
2x Out of the Darkness
1x Weapon of Choice

Objective: MKKO with a twist. Get an early team-up for Crime Lords and Marvel Knights. Tools like Uprising, Vanessa Fisk, and the Dual Loyalty Elektra should successfully manage to clean just about any board.

  • Turn 1: Nothing. Dagger if you can.
  • Turn 2: Iron Fist or The Hand.
  • Turn 3: Elektra. Try to get the team-up if you haven’t already.
  • Turn 4: Luke Cage! Send Elektra on a suicide run into your opponents’ largest player, and try to get a KO off.
  • Turn 5: 5-drop Elektra.
  • Turn 6: Black Widow of your choosing, or a boosted Elektra. Underdropping is not an issue when you have Uprising’s blanket +2 ATK.
  • Turn 7: The Kingpin should give your characters the added oomph they need to finish the job.

Results: 50/50 win ratio over the evening. Admittedly losing an Elektra due to uniqueness on 5 is consistently a problem. One solution may be to put in Daredevil on 5, and save Elektra boosted for turn 6. Penance Stare is useless, and will most likely be replaced with more copies of Out of the Darkness. The Weapon of Choice was also kind of pointless, and was hastily thrown in the deck to reach 60 cards.

Overall I’m pretty satisfied with how it performed. I see some obvious weaknesses due to how quickly I put it together, but with some minor adjustments it should prove to be competitive in our local Hobby League.

Of course, I’ll have to do a lot better if I want to beat my own Grace deck, though.


2 Responses to “CLM: Hobby League: You’ve Been Netdecked!”

  1. tudor5 Says:

    Beat your own Grace deck huh.
    You amuse me greatly. Still, I can’t help but be a bit envious that you got netdecked, as well as super excited about our HL growing.

  2. gdaybloke Says:

    Yar, gratz on the expanding hobby league! Bonus points for using Natasha, I wubs her…

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