Hobby League: Hawktank!

April 9, 2008

This is an oldie but a goodie. Every since the Justice League set I’ve found myself drawn towards the awesome power that is Hawkman. Whereas other members of the Justice League have amazing superpowers or skills of some kind, Hawkman merely flies around and smashes things with his mace.

For that alone this man deserves my respect. Let’s look at the deck list!

Hawktank – Silver Age

4x Jaime Reyes * Blue Beetle
4x Chay-Ara * Hawkgirl, Eternal Companion
4x Prince Khufu * Hawkman, Eternal Warrior
4x Kendra Saunders * Hawkgirl, Eternal Heroine
4x Katar Hall * Hawkman, Eternal Hero
4x Carter Hall * Hawkman, Eternal Champion
2x Superman, Earth 2
4x Phantom Stranger, Wandering Hero

4x Justice United
4x Magnificent Seven
4x Return of Donna Troy
4x Living Legacy
4x New Era

2x Hall of Justice
2x JSA Headquarters
2x Rock of Eternity

4x Nth Metal

Objective: Stay on curve and hit hard. Your entire deck is basically one big power-up, and as such should be able to swing in for some devastating damage on turns 3, 4 and 5.

How will it play? Stay tuned.


2 Responses to “Hobby League: Hawktank!”

  1. kaleeshwarrior Says:

    Wow. That list is eerily similar to the Hawk deck I just built a few days ago. Mine doesn’t bother with locations outside of Soul World and it doesn’t team-up with JLA but does run Uni-Power which I’ve found to be incredibly useful. I also use Cannibal Tech over Jaime Reyes.

    Still, gotta say, the Hawk-People are wicked nuts. Great list.

  2. […] this case, Worlds Finest, and a fairly strong Insanity build) but he had recently just built (see here) an interesting deck that I wanted him to play. To encourage it, I decided to go with a completely […]

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