Hobby League Update: Hawktank Soars!

April 11, 2008

It was a quiet night at our local Hobby League. Two of our regulars were MIA, leaving us with only four. Still, we had a lot of fun throughout the night, and I got to try a couple of new things.

Hawktank did pretty well in it’s comeback performance, with Carter Hall swinging into 6-drop Huntress for like, a bajillion damage! I have always been wary of the Rock of Eternity, but I’m slowly learning that the exhaustion game can be my friend. With a few cards switched out here and there this deck should prove to have a great deal of firepower.

In other news my World’s Finest build got slapped around by old school Roy Harper abuse, putting me in second place for the evening. While WF is a powerful deck, I’m not sure if it had all of the tricks neccessary to combat 3 Teen Titans Go! and a Press The Attack(!) Ouch.

All in all it was good times, though. I’m definitely looking forward to getting my revenge on Roy next week.


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