HL: Making Hawktank Work

April 21, 2008

This is the third or fourth time I’ve tried posting this. The WordPress servers hosting this site don’t seem to be cooperating… hopefully this problem resolves itself before our big Crime Lords finale next week.

As I’ve mentioned before, Hawktank is having respectable, but not quite impressive showings these days. I have more competitive decks than this (World’s Finest and Insanity, oddly enough) yet I find myself strangely compelled to make this one work. I’m a big fan of the power-up theme, and of the JSA, so if nothing else I’d like to earn the team some long overdue street cred. I’m open to suggestions!

At last week’s Hobby League I attempted to underdrop with Firestorm (DCL) to get some extra burn in. Unfortunately the work required for him to stun a five drop simply wasn’t worth the use of several power-ups, so Firestorm is out for now. In its’ current state I find that this deck regularly makes it to turn seven (and beyond!) Something clearly needs to change here…

Hawktank v3.0-ish – Silver Age

2x Jaime Reyes * Blue Beetle
2x Terry Sloane * Mr. Terrific, Golden Age Gold Medalist
4x Chay-Ara * Hawkgirl, Eternal Companion
4x Kate Spencer * Manhunter, Fearless Renegade
2x Prince Khufu * Hawkman, Eternal Warrior
4x Kendra Saunders * Hawkgirl, Eternal Heroine
4x Katar Hall * Hawkman, Eternal Hero
4x Carter Hall * Hawkman, Eternal Champion
2x Superman, Earth 2
4x Phantom Stranger, Wandering Hero

4x Justice United
2x Magnificent Seven
2x A Moment of Crisis
2x Uni-Power
4x Return of Donna Troy
4x Living Legacy

3x JSA Headquarters
3x Rock of Eternity

4x Nth Metal

The big change here is the removal of the Hall of Justice/New Era engine, and the addition of Kate Spencer. Prince Khufu as my 2 has been terribly inconsistent so far, so just ensuring that I have a 2-drop will make a world of difference in dominating the early game. Plus, Kate’s power to hate the hidden area should prove ueful in a variety of circumstances. But will it be enough?

Once again I’ll be bringing this to Hobby League, and hopefully not get blown away. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to make this build more effective?


5 Responses to “HL: Making Hawktank Work”

  1. gdaybloke Says:

    Is there no deck that cannot be improved by adding a Manhunter character? Hee…

  2. Most Manhunter decks, ironically enough.

  3. tudor5 Says:

    I would favor 4 Prince and 2 Kate. She’s not all that hot, and Uni Power is way better for you hitting the concealed. And why did you take out the New Era engine?

  4. Savant Says:

    Its looks really solid, but if its about tanking why not throw in Advanced warning for some super deffending.

  5. Tutor: I ultimately put the New Era engine back in, so I guess you were right about that.

    Savant: I’ve considered putting in Advance Warning in the past, but I still feel like the focus of the deck should be offensive rather than defensive. Plus, giving my opponent more endurance will only prolong the game… and at this point these matches are stalling me to death as it is.

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