Artists I Love: Denis Medri

April 28, 2008

In honor of the upcoming Unofficial Italian National’s today’s artist hails from Italy!

Ben Medri is an extremely talented artist who has just recently started working for Marvel Comics. His rounded figures and wonderful detail instantly caught my eyes. Not since the late Mike Wieringo (also Italian) have I seen an artist so capably balance the realistic and the cartoonish.

There is a great variety in Medri’s style as well, since no two figures are exactly alike. Most recently his work can be seen in the Marvel Comics’ adaptation of Last of the Mohicans (along with Stephen Kurth) as well as a back-up tale in Giant-Sized Avengers Special #1.

As always, more images are available for your viewing pleasure after the jump!

According to his blog (which is not in English, sadly) he appears to be working on an X-Men project titled ‘X-Campus,’ although I’m not sure if it’s ever meant to see publication outside of Europe. Hopefully we get to see more of Medri’s work in the United States, and maybe even in the VS. System!

Great stuff!


2 Responses to “Artists I Love: Denis Medri”

  1. Digitaljdawg Says:

    Dude I just read on Upper Deck that you are previewing one of the new cards that is so awesome. -Jeremy

  2. I heart this post, so bad.


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