CLM Preview! Bullseye, Closer to God

April 29, 2008

All month long Lost Hemisphere and this humble site have been celebrating the glory of Crime Lords with our very own Crime Lord’s Month! From Vanessa Fisk to Batroc to The Enforcers, every major criminal in the Marvel Universe has gotten some love in anticipation for… well, Marvel Universe.

It only seems fitting that I wrap things up with an exclusive MUN preview card featuring the greatest Crime Lord of them all, the ruthless mercenary known only as Bullseye!

Wait — what do you mean he’s a member of the Thunderbolts!?

Bullseye is the legendary assassin best known for killing Elektra, but he’s much more than that. With his uncanny accuracy and love of violence, Bullseye is one of the most capable and efficient killers in the Marvel Universe. The Thunderbolts and S.H.I.E.L.D., never ones to miss an opportunity, were quick to recruit Bullseye against his will as part of their mission to arrest unregistered superheroes.

Unlike his more toyetic team members Bullseye is relegated to black ops for the Thunderbolts. He is brought along on missions in complete secrecy, and is only used when absolutely neccessary. On a team of powerhouses, Bullseye remains the Thunderbolts’ secret weapon.

It’s the rap music, I tell you.

However, this is a Bullseye who is forced to fight on the side of the angels. Crime-fighting and hitmen make for strange bedfellows, though, so I imagine it will only be so long before Bullseye returns to his roots in a bloody fashion. After all. we think the caged bird sings, when indeed they want to kill their superiors. Ouch.

But enough poetry, let’s get down to business…

Bullseye, Closer to God
Cost: 4
Thunderbolts / S.H.I.E.L.D.
7/7 Range, Concealed

Activate, Return Bullseye to his owner’s hand -> Stun target attacker with cost less than the number of resources you control. Use this power only if you control another Thunderbolts or S.H.I.E.L.D. character.

“He creates life. I take it away.”

Wow! Playing into the Thunderbolts’ ‘more resources = more better’ theme, Bullseye is an enormous threat waiting in the wings. His ability, limited by the number of resources you control, only goes off once, so it will be very important for you to decide which turn he can be best utilized. Is the early advantage of stunning a 3-drop worth it, or should you wait until turn 7 to take out their 6?

Yes, you’ll only get to try this trick once, but it’s not difficult to image a situation where his ability can turn the tide of an entire game!

Patience is key here.

Also of note, Substitute is back, and it’s back with a vengeance! This means you can maximize Bullseye’s potential by switching him into play during a later round. Perhaps you want Vixen or Darkseid’s big bottoms to stonewall attacks until Bullseye is ready to play? Or maybe you’d rather send The Sensational Spider-Man to exhaust a character, then quickly switch him out with this friendly assassin for the kill.

The possibilities here are endless, but the important thing to remember is that Bulleye’s power requires you to control another Thunderbolts or S.H.I.E.L.D. character. Even though his ability comes at a steep price, it is definitely worth it.

Justice, Like Lightning! With a criminal twist!


7 Responses to “CLM Preview! Bullseye, Closer to God”

  1. rorschachinkblog Says:

    Also important to consider is that, thanks to the substitute, it won’t be hard to ‘reuse’ him.

  2. omnicresence Says:

    Congrats on the exclusive preview!!! And it’s a beaut. And it’s been stated that the T-Bolts will be getting cards that allow them to accelerate the resource row a bit (a la Amazon from the X-Men expansion), which makes Bullseye even deadlier.

    Ah, yes, glad you pointed out the possibilities with Substitute for more Bullseye sweetness in successive turns.

  3. Ra's Al Cool Says:

    The fact that you can use him curve or off curve every turn can make him potentially brutal. Also, he does really well in the Mono Hulk theme.

  4. Digitaljdawg Says:

    Nice preview man that card is pretty sick

  5. tudor5 Says:

    So I’m not sure how I feel about it being target attacker. With all the stupid stuff that negates targetting (Fate Suit, PA, etc) his ability might not translate very well. Heck, even a Family of four deck can just FFP in response, to get you to lose your character.
    Still, I won’t deny that he + Radioactive man might make it all worthwhile.

  6. Cliff Says:

    Once again Last Son isn’t a problem with this, lol!

  7. Dude, babe, sir…

    You rock. Check the Rallying Cry for a tribute.


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