El Escarabajo Azul!? Si!

May 2, 2008

We here at The Brave and the Blog are practically militant in our fight for diversity in comic books and trading card games, so it was a pleasant surprise to see that not one, but two of my pulls starred Hispanic leads this week.

The first was the long-awaited all-Spanish issue of Blue Beetle, featuring our Mexican-American hero doing battle with Superman’s longtime foe Parasite. It was a fun read (as always,) but it should be noted that English translations are in the back of the book for people who don’t read Spanish fluently (I don’t.)

Not to be outdone Marvel released a double-sized issue of Daredevil focusing on Matt Murdock’s friend/foe the Black Tarantula. Carlos LaMuerto is a former Brazillian drug kingpin blessed with superhuman strength, speed and agility. As Black Tarantula Carlos has taken up resident in New York City and devoted his life to ridding the streets of illegal substances. In this special issue Carlos’ former gang comes to New York City not only to stop the Black Tarantula from meddling in their business operations, but to strip him of his inherited superpowers. Excellent stuff.

Tomorrow (Saturday May 2) is Free Comic Book Day in the United States, so keep your eyes open for these great books while you are taking advantage of your local store’s generosity!

Black Tarantula and Blue Beetle are about as different as can be, but both are compelling, unique characters in their own right. Though they may be minor players in their respective worlds, they go a long way towards creating more realistic and diverse universes for our favorite superheroes to inhabit.


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