Crime, Crime, Crime!

May 14, 2008

Sunday was my birthday, and I was fortunate to receive the Captain America Omnibus as one of my gifts. Although I read most of the issues as they were being published, it has been a great experience going through Ed Brubaker’s Cap run one more time, noticing some of the details I had failed to before. For anyone who has not yet read the series it is definitely worth picking up!

As a result, I’m terribly excited about the prospect of seeing one of my favorite VS. teams (Crime Lords) paired with one of my favorite villains (The Red Skull.) Today’s preview is a first glimpse at what promises to be an amazing Legend, one that will have the power to stop Captain America once and for all!

Will all of the Red Skull cards mirror the Cap cards in this way? I wonder what other surprises the criminal masterminds at UDE have in store for us…


One Response to “Crime, Crime, Crime!”

  1. foilball08 Says:

    yay for Cap Omnibus presents!

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