HL: Let Them Eat Cake

May 15, 2008

Last night’s Hobby League was great fun, not only because we got a ‘new’ player, but also because I had the firesight to bring delicious baked goods. Also, be sure to send Omar over at Tier 2 Tutor some birthday wishes for today.

It seems like everyone I know has their birthday within the same month-long period. Oh well.

Myself on the left, Omar on the right.

The format of our Hobby League was Bring Your Own Set Un-Silver, meaning any set rotated out of Silver Age was fair game. I had expected a lot of people to bring Teen Titans, but in reality nobody did. Perhaps our group didn’t want to come in with a ‘lazy’ choice, since everyone brought something different.

1x Avengers Reservist – 2/2
1x Marvel Knights/Crime Lords (Me!) – 2/2
1x Green Lantern Curve – 0/4
1x Good Guys – 2/2
1x Fantastic Four Burn – 3/1
1x Billy’s Jank Deck Not Legal in the Format – 3/1

Even though it was a relatively small turnout I think that everyone had a great time. I don’t know if anyone has any birthdays coming up in our group, but we need to find some mroe excuses to bring cakes to the Hobby League.

Next week’s format is kind of confusing, but it was inspired by Billy’s jank-tastic pile of jank. Everyone will be building mono-team decks from no more than any two sets. All character cards MUST share a team affiliation, and it is highly recommended that the plot twists do as well!

We don’t really have a name for it, but I guess we’ll call it the ‘Super Flavor Format.’ Yum.


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