Cookie League Report: Darkhawk!

May 29, 2008

We had a smaller turnout than normal this week, and it made for a quiet, laid back night. The format was Silver Legends, and the decks everyone brought were pretty surprising. Two were Spider-Man, one was Galactus, one Beast Boy and one Lex Luthor (piloted by me. Posted below.)

The Lex Luthor legend is a lot of fun. Whereas Andrew likes to play good guys, I’m usually drawn to control decks (and by extension, bad guys.) My original plan was to make it a dual Joker/Lex Legend, but I figured that this would probably work out better. Plus, I love Revenge Squad, so it was fun to play a deck built around one of my favorite villains

Last night I also learned the power of Darkhawk. Ludin was running him in Spider-Stall, which at the time confused me. The character has vanilla stats, and a generic power to remove flight from certain characters. Isn’t there someone better to run? However, once again I was proven wrong. On multiple occasions he was able to lock down an opponent’s attack step, stalling the game further and further!

Damn, Darkhawk doesn’t mess around.

Lex Luthor Legend (Silver)

4x The Penguin, Gentleman of Crime
4x Catwoman, Cat O’ Nine Tails
4x Captain Boomerang, George Harkness
4x Johnny Quick, Earth 3
3x Lex Luthor, Megalomaniac
3x Lex Luthor, Champion of the Common Man
4x The Joker, Headline Stealer
2x Circe, Evil Enchantress
1x Lex Luthor, Metropolis Mogul
1x Lex Luthor, Chiroptophobic
3x Abra Kadabra, Magical Rogue
3x Lex Luthor, Sinister Scientist


4x Criminal Mastermind
4x Secret Files
4x Gang-Up
4x All Too Easy
4x Evil Genius
4x Shape Change

Playing three different stall/exhaustion/control decks that night, I quickly discovered the need for Pathetic Attempt. Having my entire board exhausted was lame, and it’s something that could have been easily avoided. Oh well. These are things I’ll keep in mind for next time, since I don’t plan on tearing my new deck apart anytime soon.

There are also way too many characters here, so that’s something I’ll need to correct whenever I get around to revising it.


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