Springtime for Red Skull

June 6, 2008

Marvel Universe is approaching! Worlds will live, heroes will die, and the VS System will never be the same!

My favorite part of previews season is when someone accidentally gets shipped their cards too soon, and is able to spoil the set for the rest of us. This time around we are very grateful that our French VS. players (all three of them) are the ones who have been posting up MUN card text for the past two days. Thanks!

It should be no time at all before the USA receives their Marvel Universe boxes/cases (if they haven’t already) but until then let us salivate over what has been announced so far. Of course, my favorite cards so far have been the Crime Lords ones. Could the Red Skull legend be viable? Could the Red Skull Legend be totally freakin’ awesome?

Red Skull, Aleksander Lukin – Raid
Crime Lords
Leader: whenever an adjacent character defends, each opponent loses 2 endurance, and you gain 2 endurance.
MUN-155 common
Red Skull, Master of Creation
Crime Lords
Leader: At the start of the recovery phase, target opponent loses endurance equal to the combined cost of all adjacent characters.
MUN-157 common
Cosmic Cube
Equipment 0
Equip only to Red Skull
Exhaust equipped character, put cosmic cube on the bottom of its owner’s deck => search your deck for a card and put it into your hand.
MUN-163 rare
Radically Advanced
PT 3
Play only if you control Red Skull.
Whenever an opposing character becomes stunned this turn, gain endurance equal to its cost.
MUN-178 uncommon

Okay, right off the bat I have to say that I’m in love with this deck already. Both the 3 and the 7-drop have very generous stats, and devastating leader abilities. Cosmic Cube is one of the best search cards in the game, and Radically Advanced promises to swing endurance totals in my favor even more. Plus, most of thes eards are common/uncommon, which is awesome.

While I love the five-drop Red Skull, I may have to skip him due to uniqueness/board presence issues. Of course, if the Crime Lords have even a few substitute characters then all bets are off. I’m very, VERY eager to see what the rest of the Crime Lords look like. Here’s hoping I get my cards today.

It’s about time someone show that smarmy Captain America who is really in charge!


3 Responses to “Springtime for Red Skull”

  1. Ra's Al Cool Says:

    Whether or not playing him as a legend is viable or not, I’ve been very happy with the team in this set thus far. I’m still tying to get ahold of the Kingpins. Dual Legends are twice the fun!

  2. Dual Legends are awesome. I’m already trying to wrap my head around a Red Skull/Doom pairing.

    Axis of Evil, anyone?

  3. Ra's Al Cool Says:


    Stall or non stall? Silver or Modern? Mystic Paralysis, Puppet Master… Sounds really cool… Hey, we can even make it tripple legend or more!

    Speaking of which, I’m probably going to run a four legend deck for silver age that doesn’t include a single FF4 character! It’s a pretty easy guess as to what though (rush and has tons of card draw).

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