Burning Questions! MUN

June 9, 2008

All of our new cards are way cool. More than any previous set it feels like Marvel Universe was created for the comic book fans in mind. I’m loving the flavor I have seen so far, especially smaller details such as the Baron Strucker Legend equipment and Monica Rambeau’s game text. Hillarious!

However, from a gameplay perspective I have a couple of concerns, the big one being consistency. All of the major teams in Marvel/DC Legends were given a character tutor, but here in MUN some teams are lacking.  As a player without Mobilize, I’m a wee bit concerned…

Will this keep me from building my teams of choice? Of course not!

  • What team so far is your favorite?
  • Did a lack/excess of tutors for that team influence your decision?
  • Do you think there is a lack of tutors/consistency in MUN?
  • Will this cause Mobilize become even more of a neccessity?

Please answer your questions using a number 2 pencil. I’m dying to know!


One Response to “Burning Questions! MUN”

  1. gdaybloke Says:

    I think the Rally effects will go a long way towards easing the mind in terms of hitting drops, not to mention the Legend tutor effects in MUN.

    I’m completely torn team-wise. Normally Spud and I split the teams between us, but… I love me some Avengers, I love me some Iron Man (so that’s SHIELD), I love me some Crime Lords, I love me some United Front, I love me some Alpha Flight, I love me some Illuminati, I love me some Nextwave.

    The only teams I’m not immediately interested in are Warbound and Negative Zone, and even then the main reason they don’t make the cut is that I want everything else in the bloody set.

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