Artists I Love: Art Baltazar

June 15, 2008

Every month my pull list seems to get smaller and smaller. Part of this is because of the rising cost of… well… everything, but it’s also because nothing catches my eye anymore. The DC Universe is a huge fustercluck right now, and unfortunately Ed Brubaker can only write so many issues a month.

Where is the imagination? Where is the fun?

Tiny Titans!? Aw yeah!

Art Baltazar has been working in comics for years, but only recently has his work seen any sort of mainstream success. You may know him best for his indepdently published ‘Patrick the Wolf Boy,’ as well as the work he has done for Disney Adventures Magazine.

In a totally awesome move, DC Comics snagged Baltazar as the artist/co-writer for their monthly all-ages title, ‘Tiny Titans.’ The basic premise is that all of your favorite Teen Titans attend the same elementary school, and wacky hijinks ensue!

I know the description is kind of lame, but it’s FUN (and funny.) Each page is filled with so much humor and charm you can’t help but smile. Also, it’s one of the few comics I can read, thoroughly enjoy, and pass off to one of my younger cousins without having to worry.

If you want cheesecake go read Ms. Marvel, but if you want rocket-powered penguins read Tiny Titans!

In addition to his monthly work, Art Baltazar is a groovy painter. His style is simple, but very bold. He almost reminds me of Mike Allred’s retro feel, only Baltazar’s work has more penguins.

Here’s hoping I can get a sketch (or twelve) from the man during San Diego Comic Con!


One Response to “Artists I Love: Art Baltazar”

  1. gdaybloke Says:

    Get me a Stilt-Man or a Beta Ray Bill!

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