Hobby League Report: 6/19/08

June 20, 2008

Dear Red Skull, I love you.

We had an excellent turnout in our Hobby League this week. 9 people showed up, many of them with shiny MUN cards in hand. After skipping last week’s HL it was great to have such a big crowd. Almost everyone was using new MUN, so that helped spice things up as well.

My Illuminati deck is taking longer than I’d like to compile, so I decided to make a Red Skull deck.

In the end the Top 4 was selected through Win/Loss records, which put me and the Red Skull right on top. I was shocked by how well the deck played, since I threw it together only a few minutes after showing up. Of course, I think that’s what everyone else did… hm.

The Line-Up:

  • 2x Hulk Warbound
  • 1x Red Skull / Crime Lords (Me. Obviously)
  • 1x SHIELD Army Burn
  • 1x Kree Press
  • 1x Secret Avengers
  • 1x Heralds/Inhumans
  • 1x Skrulls/Inhumans
  • 1x Um…. I honestly don’t recall. I’m sure it was way cool, though.

Either way, the top four was Red Skull, Hulk, SHIELD and more Hulk.

The Untitled Red Skull Project (BYOS, Modern)

4x Doctor Faustus, Johann Fenhoff * RAID
4x Viper, Madame Hydra * HYDRA
3x Sin, Synthia Schmidt * RAID
4x Red Skull, Aleksander Lukin, RAID
3x Silver Samurai, Kenuichio Harada * HYDRA
4x Master Man, Max Lohmer * RAID
3x Red Skull, Johann Schmidt * HYDRA
1x Head Case, Sean Madigan * AIM
3x Baron Strucker, Baron Wolfgang Von Strucker * HYDRA
2x Red Skull, Master of Creation
1x The Sleeper, Doomsday Device * RAID

4x Invasion Plans
4x Empire’s End
4x Acts of Vengeance
3x Uncertain Legacy
3x House of M
3x Cold Storage
3x Code White

4x Cosmic Cube

Through a combination of burn, misdirection and stall the Red SKull deck is well equipped to handle a wide variety of threats. The heart of the deck is the 5-drop Red Skull, but he is only as good as the characters surrounding him. Master Man is nothing short of awesome, although I do admit that it’s pretty easy for players to work around him.

My first match was against Kree, where the power of Empire’s End won me the match.

Cost: 4 Empire’s End
Play only during the build phase.Ongoing: Characters that entered play this turn get -2 ATK.

This is one of those cards that don’t really stand out when you’re opening up packs. However, Empire’s End totally rocks. It shuts down swarm/rush strategies, and multiple copies can neuter an opponent. Dr. Faustus is also amazing with this card. Big fan.

My second match was against Skrulls/Inhumans. The match ended on turn 7, when Titannus came into play as an unstoppable force (22/22!) It appeared that I had lost until I managed to recover the Red Skull (7) with Code White, and burn my opponent for 15 damage. This secured me victory, just barely, and I continued on my merry way.

My third match was SHIELD burn. but once against Empire’s End proved its’ worth. Each low-cost character that came into play effectively had a zero attack, so there simply wasn’t enough damage being done to secure a win.

Fourth round was Galactus/Inhumans. Galactus did an admirable job of stalling us out to turn 8, and victory came down to a matter of who had the initiative. After recruiting The Sleeper I slammed into my opponent’s face for 53 damage. Ouch.

Last (but not least) was one of the two powerful Hulk builds we had. With Hulk KO’ing characters left and right there wasn’t a lot I could do. My saving Grace as Viper, who sat in the concealed for the entire game and did a combined total of 18 damage. This combined with the intense burn from 5-drop Red Skull secured me the win.

So yeah, 5-0! Not bad at all! There are some aspects of the deck that need to be addressed (a HUGE lack of consistency) but in the end I was very satisfied with its’ performance. Here’s hoping that with some refinement I can turn the Red Skull into something even more devastating.


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