Marvel Universe Review!

June 24, 2008

Hello and welcome to The Brave and the Blog’s first ever VS System set review! I know a lot of other sites do this, so I wanted our to be special. That’s why I arranged for a VS System Legend to join me today, and give his opinions on the cards being presented.

Ladies and gentlemen I present to you The Red Skull!

Josh: Thank you for joining me Red Skull. I know you’re a very busy man these days.

Red Skull: It was opportune for you that I should have such time to spare. However, my latest project is going quite smoothly and it would do my nerves good to… relax.

Josh: Good to hear. Now I know you’re not very familiar with the VS System, so if you have any questions about the cards let me know.


Josh: Hm. Okay. 

Josh: Our first card is a good friend of yours, RAID’s own Dr. Faustus.

Cost: 1 Doctor Faustus, Johann Fennhoff * RAID
Team: Crime Lords
ATK: 2
DEF: 1
Substitute: When Dr. Faustus enters play, you may have target character get -3 ATK this turn.“Look into my eye.”
MUN-142 Illustrator: Steve Epting
Card is legal in: Golden Age, Silver Age, Modern Age, Random Punks

Red Skull: You know nothing of me, American. Dr. Fenhoff is but a tool, and will be discarded when the time is right.

Josh: That’s fair. I like Doctor Faustus’ ability a lot. On turn 1 it isn’t very good, but since he has substitute that means you can throw him out on later turns, maybe even multiple times.

Red Skull: …an interesting scenario.

Josh: Yeah, it can essentially neuter an opposing character if you use it enough.

Red Skull: Imagine! Rogers would be helpless for my oncoming assault, unable to even defend himself. What a cruel irony for America’s greatest warrior to be reduced to nothing more than a whimpering child! At last victory would be mine!

Josh: Anyway, our next card is also a 1-drop. It seems like the 1-drops in this set are the best ever.

Cost: 1 Green Goblin, Insanity Unleashed
Team: Thunderbolts, Sinister Syndicate
ATK: 1
DEF: 1
Substitute: Stun Green Goblin -> Put a +1/+1 counter on another target character.“Not Spider-Man. Steel Spider. That’s what I meant.”
MUN-056 Illustrator: Mark Bagley
Card is legal in: Golden Age, Silver Age, Modern Age, Random Punks

Red Skull: This… Goblin. To sacrifice himself for a greater cause, it seems to mirror my own struggles for Germany.

Josh: Yeah, +1/+1 counters are really good, and the cost of losing a 1-drop character isn’t much. I could see him showing up in a lot of different decks, like Doom Patrol or Horsemen of Apocalypse.

Red Skull: Perhaps an alliance is in order! This Goblin would prove to be a valuable soldier in my New World Order.

Josh: Yeah, Thunderbolts/Crime Lords might be an interesting team-up. What were you thinking?

Red Skull: He will join my ranks or he will die a fool’s death.

Josh: You sound like some people I know on VS Realms…

Josh: Continuing on the +1/+1 counter theme, this new Captain America is an excellent card. 

Cost: 2 Captain America, The Patriot * Secret Avenger
Team: Avengers
ATK: 3
DEF: 2
When Captain America enters play, rally for a character card. If you’re successful, put a +1/+1 counter on each character you control.
MUN-004 Illustrator: Ed McGuinness
Card is legal in: Golden Age, Silver Age, Modern Age, Random Punks

Red Skull: Rogers!?

Josh: This Cap is interesting because he has concealed, which is something we haven’t seen from previous versions of the character.

Red Skull: What trickery is this? You cannot hide from me, Rogers!

Josh: Didn’t you already kill Captain America?

Red Skull: Yes, of course… I apologize for my outburst…

Josh: Moving on, what do you think of his Rally ability?

Red Skull: Captain America clung to his allies more tightly than he did his shield. I will destroy every last one of them, until the memory of this cruel nation is reduced to nothing but cinders!

Josh: Here is another card you are familiar with, Skull. It’s one of your Legend card, the Cosmic Cube!

Cost: 0 Cosmic Cube
  Equip only to Red Skull.Exhaust equipped character, put Cosmic Cube on the bottom of its owner’s deck -> Search your deck for a card and put it into your hand.
MUN-163 Illustrator: Aaron Sowd
Card is legal in: Golden Age, Silver Age, Modern Age

Red Skull: I underestimated you, blogger. Never did I expect you to have such an item in your possession. I must have the Cube at once! Name your price.

Josh: Umm… I think it’s priced around three dollars right now. It’s not the greatest….

Red Skull: Halt dein Maul! Three dollars is but a steal for the power to control reality. Let us finalize this deal at once, for soon the world will be mine!

Josh: But Red Skull, it’s only a trading card,

Red Skull: Do not play games with me! If you will agree to the trade, I assure you there will be a place for your kind when I have achieved my goals.

Josh: My… kind? Whatever. Just take the damn card.

Red Skull: Fool! Your trusting nature will be the death of your people. Now with the Cosmic Cube in hand I will be able to achieve my goals. Soon the world will be mine! Hahahahaha!

Josh: …um…

Red Skull: Hahahahaha!

Josh: Just go.

2 Responses to “Marvel Universe Review!”

  1. omnicresence Says:

    Very entertaining, indeed. Hope to see more of this!

  2. Tony Says:

    You really are brilliant, I just wanted to remind you of that lol.

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