Ambush Bug Format!

August 11, 2008

With a small Hobby League things can get old pretty quickly, especially if nobody bothers to build any new decks. Format changes help, although I find that all of us seem to alternate between the same handful of teams/themes over and over again.

In response I have created the greatest format of them all…

Ambush Bug VS!

Break out your six-sided dice, kids! You’re in for the ride of your life!

Ambush Bug VS. is a format in which no two decks are ever alike. (Heck, most of the decks aren’t even playing in the same format.) This will shake up your local Hobby League, and hopefully force players into building decks outside of their comfort zone. Here’s how it works:

First each player rolls a six-sided dice to determine which format they will be playing with. This roll will also determine the number of additional rolls they must make.

  1. Un-Silver (1 Roll)
  2. Bring Your Own Set (2 Rolls)
  3. Modern (1 Roll)
  4. Silver (2 Rolls)
  5. Golden (3 Rolls)
  6. Format of Choice (2 Rolls)

After each player has been assigned a format, they are required to roll a certain number of times to determine what other restrictions they will be playing with. (The wider a card pool a format has, the more restrictions it contains.) If you roll into the same restriction multiple times, reroll. Duh.

  1. 100 Card Deck
  2. Random Punks
  3. Bring Your Own Team
  4. Legends Format
  5. 40 Endurance
  6. Deck Must Contain an Alternate Win Condition

As you can see some of these are more difficult than others. Often your rolls will dictate what kind of deck you build, but if for some reason you don’t have the available card pool just reroll once again. Also, feel free to change things up and alter the restrictions for your own gaming group.

For example, if you have a really experienced group of players you might want to consider restrictions like ‘Loses Game on Turn 7’ or ‘Can’t Recruit Characters With Cost 1 or Less.’

We have yet to try playing with our new decks, but here are the assignments for our local gaming group. Some obviously got better rolls than others, but that is often the case with Ambush Bug!

Omar: BYOS, BYOT, Random Punks
Ludin: Silver, BYOT, Alternate Win Condition
Andrew: Modern, 100 Card Deck
Josh (Me): Un-Silver, 100 Card Deck

If anyone would like to join us this Wednesday be sure to contact me so that I can get a deck assignment out to you. I’m expecting to be a lot of fun, or an honorable failed experiment. See you there!

One Response to “Ambush Bug Format!”

  1. Ludin Says:

    I will rule you all with my silver AWCS!

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