Triple Legends: HL 8/20

August 20, 2008

Our minds were collectively blown at Hobby League when Ludin suggested that we each build Triple Legend decks for this week. Of course, after playing Ambush Bug VS. we figured that nothing was too crazy for us.

Can you build a 60 card deck with three different characters receiving the full Legend treatment? I’m probably going to be lazy and give Illuminati deck a spin, but I can’t wait to see what everyone else has planned!

Bumblebee + Dawn Granger + Emerald Eye for the win!


5 Responses to “Triple Legends: HL 8/20”

  1. gdaybloke Says:

    Fantastic Four can do it without blinking

    Marvel Defenders can do it with a little work – Strange, Subby, and either Hulk or Prof X if you want to utilise the Illuminati stuff

  2. seventhsoldier Says:

    With a few tweaks, my Marvel Legends deck does it. The count was 14 for Invisible Woman, 11 for Jean Grey, and 9 for Human Torch – and no, I didn’t use Family of Four or Four Freedoms Plaza or any of the cards that would ‘double up’ on Torch and Invisible Woman.

    I’ll see if I can modify my deck list a little. Shouldn’t be hard since I won’t actually have to own the cards.

  3. seventhsoldier Says:

    Triple Legend

    4x Valeria Richards, Child of Light and Darkness
    4x Invisible Woman, Walking on Air

    4x Professor X, Idealistic Dreamer
    3x Luke Care, Steel-Hard Skin

    4x Jean Grey, Age of Apocalypse

    4x Human Torch, Nova Blast

    2x Invisible Woman, Sight Unseen

    2x Dr. Strange, Ally of the Four

    1x Invisible Woman, Shield of the Four

    2x Jean Grey, Phoenix Force

    Plot Twists

    4x The Greater Threat, Team-Up
    3x Truth and Justice, Team-Up
    4x Invisibility
    4x Mobilize
    4x Splintering Consciousness
    4x Telepathic Suppression
    4x Firewall
    4x Heat Wave

    It doesn’t work quite as well when you force it into a Triple Legend deck – it really does kind of miss things like Children of the Atom. Still, if you get Professor X hidden fast enough, it can be a ridiculous deck to try and punch a hole through. If you have Underground Resistance, I think that would be a much better team-up than T&J, especially since that’s your ticket to moving Prof X hidden, and you don’t have too many team-stamped effects anyway.

  4. Very interesting triple legend build. I totally approve.

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