HL Report: Wheelchair Abuse!

August 25, 2008

As I mentioned earlier this week, we took on the strange and annoying Triple Legends format at our Hobby League. However, I did forget to include one very important rule: These decks MUST be multi-team, i.e., at least one of your Legends must not share a team affiliation with any other Legend. Whoops!*

Omar brought a Cap/Iron Man/Spider-Man deck that was vaguely similar to one that Carlos had posted on his awesome site, while Ludin threw together a Human Torch/Punisher/Cap build that had to be seen to be believed. My initial plan was to play my normal Illuminati deck, but that wasn’t kosher with our group.

After some complaints I felt obligated to at least try and put something new together. With almost none of my cards at my disposal I ended up building… another Illuminati deck. But this one was totally different, I swear!


Rather than spread the Legend support across all of the Illuminati members, I instead focused on three members in particular. Professor X received some of the weakest Legends cards in MUN, so of course he was a natural. For the other two I chose Dr. Strange, who has a valuable plot twist search at his disposal, and Iron Man, whose new Ultimates card has some unique synergy with our professor.

Everyone is in such a hurry to get the Infinity Gauntlet out with the Illuminati, but isn’t the point of the Gauntlet just to strip your opponent of his options? With X’s ability you can get a card out of your opponent’s hand every turn, not counting a forced discard through Realm of the Mind. With some exceptions, this means that your opponent is left without a workable hand on turn five.

Another thing I like about the Illuminati is how many answers they have, mostly due to The Elektra Situation. With their hand size low, your opponent will be wanting to use character effects to stay competitive— too bad! Plus, if they attempt to attack your visible board you can just laugh it off with some Extremis Upgrades and call it a day.

The following is a very rough decklist, with some of the unneccessary Legend stuff pulled out. I played a less refined version at my Hobby League, and I imagine that you could come up with an even more devastating one yourselves.

Wheelchair Abuse v 2.0

4x Secret Government
4x Essence of Zom
4x Realm of the Mind
4x Engine of Change
3x The Elektra Situation
2x I’m a Futurist
2x Frog of Thunder
1x Avengers Reassemble
1x Losing the Argument

4x Extremis Upgrade

4x Black Bolt, Traitor Within
4x The Captain
2x Dr. Strange, Keeper of the Soul Gem
4x Professor X, Protector of the Mind Gem
2x Sub-Mariner, Keeper of the Soul Gem
4x Dr. Strange, Secret Avenger
2x Mister Fantastic, Keeper of the Power Gem
3x Iron Man, Ultimates
1x Iron Man, Keeper of the Reality Gem
3x Mr. Fantastic, Dimensional Explorer
1x Terrax, Herald
1x The Sentry, Mighty Avenger

The Captain is an obvious choice. For your Essence of Zoms to be extra effective you’ll need multiple Strange’s in the deck. You make him Dr. Strange on turn 4, and either Iron Man or the Professor on five depending on your situation. The more Realm of the MInd action the better.

* It should be noted that not only did my original Illuminati build violate the rules for our format, but the second one did as well! However, there were only three of us and they were willing to make allowances for the sake of having someone to play against.


2 Responses to “HL Report: Wheelchair Abuse!”

  1. capspud Says:

    You can’t use Essence of Zom if you recruited Captain on 4 and then later named him Dr. Strange. You didn’t “recruit Dr. Strange this turn”, because he wasn’t Dr. Strange when you recruited him.


  2. Why not? He is now named Dr. Strange, and you recruited him this turn!

    If that’s the case, I’d switch out the 2-drop Stranges for 4-drop ones, and put the 2-drop Mr. Fantastic in his place.

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