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Vox Hunt: Worth A Thousand Words

February 7, 2007

Show us a picture that’s worth a thousand words.
Submitted by sami711.


365: 75 Mickeys

January 10, 2007

This is an old photo of some friends and myself at Disney’s California Adventure theme park. On this very memorable day we had decided to get a small group of co-workers together and have our photos taken next to all of the hideous MIckey Mouse statues that were decorating the place at the time.

Mickey statues

These 75 statues, each designed by D-list celebrities, were created to help celebrate Mickey’s 75th birthday. Southern California was only one stop along the statues’ US tour, where they eventually reached New York City to be auctioned off for charity.

I’m not exactly sure where this idea came from, but at one point American cities across America starting using a variation of it for themselves. In Los Angeles they used angels while in Santa Rosa dozens and dozens of Snoopy and Woodstock statues were auctioned off to celebrate their own insignificant anniversary.

It is very important to note that although we had a lot of fun that day, DCA is a terrible theme park, and an embarrassment to the Disney name. Things seemed so innocent and perfect back then, we probably would have had a great time at the morgue.

Fake MySpace Boyfriend

January 8, 2007

I, like everyone else in the Western world, once visited While this certainly isn’t noteworthy, it might be interesting to know that much of my time there wasn’t spent updating my own personal account, but that of someone else’s.

Whose account was it? Josh’s fictional mySpace boyfriend, Bradley Gaines’, of course!

Cool New Person

Aside from reconnecting with old friends and looking at attractive people I’ll never meet, mySpace never proved to be very interesting to me. For some reason or another, though, I spent an awful lot of time on it — it was almost hypnotic. Before I knew it entire afternoons would pass by just from viewing profiles and leaving comments.

I decided that if I were going to spend so much time on a phony community site, the least I could do is produce a phony person to participate in it. Bradley and I had a wonderful fake courtship before finally settling into our fake relationship. He was created to be the perfect fake man. He loved indie rock, history, surfing, video games and Jimmy Stewart films. If he were real, he no doubt would have been too good for me.

The name was selected because it sounded like that of a soap opera character. As for the images, a good friend of mine was kind enough to volunteer his likeness for the sake of my social experiment. If Bradley weren’t so attractive, it’s likely that the idea of a fake mySpace boyfriend would have died there. However, it turns out that people were fascinated by Bradley; so much so that he received the honor of being featured as a ‘Cool New Person’ on’s main page,

Although I didn’t realize it at the time, this was the moment when Bradley’s days became numbered. You see, despite how proud I was of my own creation, I was never selected as a ‘Cool New Person.’ What about Bradley could be cooler or newer than me?

Bradley Gaines

Worse yet, Bradley was receiving solicitations for friends (and more!) while my own inbox collected dust. His profile mentioned countless times that he was a fictional creation in a very real relationship, yet his popularity only seemed to increase each time I logged in. Without sending out a single request or comment Bradley had hundreds of friends. I knew people in real life who still refused to ‘friend me’ even after discussing it with them at length. There was something very wrong here.

It became increasingly obvious that I was jealous of my own creation. For the sake of my online self-esteem, Bradley Gaines had to be put down. He died surrounded by his creator, his fake family, and many, many, many friends.

365 Degrees of Josh: Minnie’s Moonlight Madness

January 5, 2007

About a year ago my friend Karly called me up and asked if I’d like to participate in ‘Minnie’s Moonlight Madness.’ For those of you unfamiliar, ‘Minnie’s Moonlight Madness’ is a massive trivia game and scavenger hunt and trivia bowl which takes place after hours at Disneyland Park. While the event is mostly for current employees, it just so happened that our mutual friend was still technically an employee at the Walt Disney Company (She works with the Disney Studios in Burbank.)

The three of us, combined with also-current Disneylander Michael, gave us a strong chance to do well in the competition… or so we thought. Festivities began with a musical revue performed by a local performing arts school.My team (Code name: Chicken, Chicken, Chicken, Chicken, Rooster, Rooster, Dog)  was far too anxious to actually listen to what was being performed, but juding by the large applause they received the group didn’t screw up too badly. A generic host welcomed everyone to this year’s competition, and volunteers then began to hand out pencils and paper to the audience. Then each team was asked 100 questions of intense Disney trivia, ranging from Michael Eisner to ‘The Wuzzles’ to ‘Victory Through Air Power.’

Minnie Mouse Pin

We felt very comfortable with our answers for the trivia portion. All of us are world-class nerds; so much so that all of us answered the Wuzzles question as if we were idential twins (“THE LAND OF WUZ!”) Between us we had spent a solid decade of our lives inside of the 50-acre theme park, we started to have high hopes for the night. Who could blame us for being a little arrogant?

As it turns out we kind of sucked. Hardcore. Immediately following the test each team was sent to Main Street U.S.A, and handed an envelope containing the first of various mental and physical challenges. The goal was to complete these challenges as quickly as possible before the night was over. The event was on a timer, and we would be deducted points for any challenges we did not complete (or completed incorrectly.)

Most of the various challenges involved Disneyland trvia in some form, but had a difficult twist such as geometry or Morse Code. How the hell were we supposed to learn the name of Walt’s dog by listening to a series of beeps and dashes? Just have us turn lead to gold while you’re at it!

Chicken chicken

Between the Morse Code challenge and an awkward Spice Girl’s singalong, most of our night was spent on only six of the ten challenges. A team of our friends didn’t do much better, and failed to complete all of the challenges as well. Due to the many dozens of teams participating that year, judges were not able to announce winners until many weeks after the night had ended. We weren’t surprised when they never called. I’m told the important thing is that we had fun.

Bloody Mary

October 31, 2006

It was a few weeks ago when my best friend, Jared, invited myself and Aaron to his birthday shindig at the Queen Mary. For those unfamiliar, the Queen Mary is a famous luxury liner that has been docked in Long Beach, CA for decades. Over the years it has become a major tourist attraction, and every October they decorate the ship and surrounding area for Halloween.

As if luxury liners weren’t frightening enough by themselves, they make the extra effort of turning the ship into a haunted maze. Neither myself nor Aaron are easily scared by the supernatural — global warming and child abductors, yes, but definitely not ghosts or zombies.


Anyway, there was a large group of us, and we decided to carpool with Jared and his current romantic interest, Benjamin. The two have been going on dates for months, but at this point Jared had become very frustrated by the fact that things hadn’t been moving forward with them. I had never met Benjamin before that day, and we hit it off immediately. Jared, Benjamin and I had fun talking through the long drive to the Queen Mary, but Aaron, fearing the worst, chose to sit in awkward silence and hold my hand.

As it turns out, when 25,000 people all decide to visit a ‘haunted’ luxury liner, it ends up missing the point. For the entire evening we waited in lines, whether it be to enter the mazes, buy a churro, or use the restroom.

While waiting in line I decided to make a game out of creating false lore around the Queen Mary itself, in hopes that someone would overhear it and believe me. We had great fun in coming up with the most elaborate and absurd lore possible. My personal favorite involved how the Queen Mary used to transport Nazi gold across the Atlantic, the ship’s crew tossing the gold overboard, and also, the Nazis who were transporting it. They vowed revenge, and every night at 11:43 they say you can still hear their screams. These are the kinds of games I play when I’m bored. Deal with it.

The crowds themselves were very polite, and the event’s organizers did a fantastic job of keeping things organized. This is a something of a rarity in Southern California, as other local haunted houses often become a focal point of chaos and gang violence. Between the polite crowds and the lackluster quality of the ‘mazes’ themselves, I didn’t fear for my life once. How disappointing.

Good for a Laugh

September 13, 2006

Show us a picture of someone that can always makes you laugh.


This is me and my token Jewish friend, Andrea. We were once co-workers at Disneyland, but have grown distant in recent months due to dramatic tension with myself and our mutual friend (ex-friend?) She is one of the brightest, funniest and most genuine person I know, and I’m genuinely concerned I’m not going to be able to reclaim said friendship to the way it once was.

Anyway, this photo is from my camera phone, taken in Long Beach sometime last year. Us and another co-worker had decided to visit the famous luxury liner, The Queen Mary, and an authetic Russian submarine which is docked nearby for tourists.

This was the first time we had hung out with just the two of us, and any awkwardness there was quickly vanished when we started talking about Saved By The Bell for one reason or another. As it turns out we are both huge fans of the show, and nerds, so much so that we held a Saved By The Bell-themed costume party several months later.

Someone who volunteers to throw a Saved By The Bell-themed party at their home is okay in my book.