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Fifteen Pieces of Junk

March 15, 2007

Of the following 20 items, 15 were actually in my car yesterday when I cleaned it out:

1. A cane.

2. My Disneyland Critter Country jacket.

3. A t-shirt featuring Popeye.

4. A definitive list of everyone I have ever had sex with.

5. Bundles of my old high school newspaper.

6. A Simpsons-themed windshield sun blocker thingy.

7. A Captain Crunch-themed windshield sun blocker thingy.

8. A patriotic umbrella.

9. A bloody butcher knife.

10. Unmailed letters to Sara and Meg.

11. A scarf.

12. A Hello Kitty lucha libre mask.

13. A handicap parking placard.

14. An orange safety cone.

15. An Incredible Hulk locker.

16. Hanging file folders.

17. A book about how women should treat their husbands.

18. Collected editions of Little Lulu comics.

19. A Norah Jones CD.

20. A cat.