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Pictures of Patty

May 23, 2007

New Puppy

March 6, 2007


Her name is Patty, and she is adorable. I don’t like English Bulldogs as a whole, but there is something special about this one I can’t deny. Patty rocks, and I just had to share her with you. However, this is by no means signaling the end of my posting hiatus.

New Dog

August 28, 2006
I think it’s important that I take the time to write a little something about the new love of my life.
Josh and hank

Hank is a several-weeks old Chow-Chow with a beautiful coat of fur and a heart of gold. Although I live with my beau now, Hank is staying with my family (where the other three family dogs can keep him company.) It has only been three days and this puppy is already roughhousing with the other animals, who are like twenty times his size. Aw!

He is the cutest thing in the entire world.