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CLM: Purple Rain

April 25, 2008

Today’s Crime Lord is arguably the most colorful Crime Lord of them all!

Born in Yugoslavia, Zebediah Killgrave was an infamous international spy until he was terribly injured in a chemical refinery. Although the accident permanently transformed his skin to a shade of purple, Killgrave soon discovered that it had also granted amazing superhuman powers!

(I know it sounds cool but please don’t try this at home, or in your local chemical refinery.)

Now with the ability to control the minds of others, Zebediah Killgrave took to a life of crime. From now on he would be known only as…

The Purple Man!

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Rallying Cry!

April 23, 2008

“Now is the time, this is the place. Here is where we make our stand!”
                                                                          – Martian Manhunter

No, the sky is not falling, and the state of the game is strong. However, there is no denying that recent announcements have left this humble blogger a little concerned about the future of his favorite time-waster. It is great news that Marvel will continue to have VS. expansions throughout the year, but I demand more. We can keep DC an active part of the VS. System, we just have to speak up.

If you want to continue seeing your favorite DC Comics’ characters featured in UDE’s VS. System please send a letter to Paul Levitz, President of DC Comics. Mr. Levitz has always been receptive towards fan feedback, and I suspect that his influence can convince the bean counters at Warner Bros. that this card game is worth it.

Paul Levitz
c/o DC Comics
1700 Broadway, 7th Fl.
New York, NY 10019-590

In your brief (and courteous!) letter please include a copy of the card ‘Rallying Cry!’ [DJL-188] as well as your own favorite DC card. Once again, the future of the VS. System lies in the hands of the community that made it so great in the first place. The power is yours!

Update: If you have the time also consider posting your thoughts on the recent announcement in DC Comics’ official message boards. This is one of the few internet sites that DC regularly visits, so there’s a good chance someone is listening.

HL: Making Hawktank Work

April 21, 2008

This is the third or fourth time I’ve tried posting this. The WordPress servers hosting this site don’t seem to be cooperating… hopefully this problem resolves itself before our big Crime Lords finale next week.

As I’ve mentioned before, Hawktank is having respectable, but not quite impressive showings these days. I have more competitive decks than this (World’s Finest and Insanity, oddly enough) yet I find myself strangely compelled to make this one work. I’m a big fan of the power-up theme, and of the JSA, so if nothing else I’d like to earn the team some long overdue street cred. I’m open to suggestions!

At last week’s Hobby League I attempted to underdrop with Firestorm (DCL) to get some extra burn in. Unfortunately the work required for him to stun a five drop simply wasn’t worth the use of several power-ups, so Firestorm is out for now. In its’ current state I find that this deck regularly makes it to turn seven (and beyond!) Something clearly needs to change here…

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HL: Veni, Viddi… er…

April 17, 2008

 The good news is that we had a tremendous showing at our latest Hobby League. Not only did all of our regulars show up, but so did a few of the players we met at EdgeWorld earlier in the week. This expanded the number of players from 6 to 12, making it the largest showing yet!

I decided to play my Titans Reservist and Hawktank builds for the event, but clearly that was not my best decision. Our EdgeWorld players are some of the best in the country, so us throwing our lesser decks at them simply wasn’t going to cut it. Aside from the tragedy of getting pwned in every match, I had a great time, and am definitely looking forward to next week.

This just goes to show the power of Hobby League, though. Only a month ago there were 3 of us, and now there are 12. There’s no telling how many more players we can get after this. These are exciting times!

Hobby League: Hawktank!

April 9, 2008

This is an oldie but a goodie. Every since the Justice League set I’ve found myself drawn towards the awesome power that is Hawkman. Whereas other members of the Justice League have amazing superpowers or skills of some kind, Hawkman merely flies around and smashes things with his mace.

For that alone this man deserves my respect. Let’s look at the deck list!

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Minor Secret Invasion #1 Spoilers Ahead.

April 7, 2008

We interrupt this Crime Lords Month for an important history lesson!

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Crime Lords Month: Ruby Thursday

April 3, 2008

Comic book creator Steve Gerber recently passed away, and much of the media coverage surrounding his death has focused exclusively on his most famous creation, Howard the Duck. While Howard’s influence in modern comic book storytelling should not be overlooked, Gerber was responsible for many other wild and wacky characters during his time at Marvel.


Even when writing about the most absurd of subjects, he made a point of making the charasters believable, and treating them with dignity. Today at The Brave and the Blog we’re going to look at one of my favorite Steve Gerber creations, the bubbleheaded villainess known as Ruby Thursday!

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CLM: Hobby League: You’ve Been Netdecked!

April 3, 2008

This week’s Hobby League had a fantastic turnout, and we were pleasantly surprised to have some extra players join us. This brought our ranks up to a healthy 6, a major improvement over where we have been in the past few weeks.

Sadly, our plan to play ‘mini-decks’ fell apart with these new players, but that didn’t stop me from playing Crime Lords!


Tonight I decided to pilot a new Marvel Knights/Crime Lords built in honor of Crime Lords Month. I was having a great time with it when I began watching the match taking place next to mine. One of our new players recruited a copy of Halo, immediately followed by Katana on turn 2. That’s odd. Those are the first two drops in my Grace deck from a few weeks ago…

As their game continued I realized that he WAS playing my Grace deck! He admitted that he found the deck on Stu’s ‘Rallying Cry,’ and thought it was a lot of fun. Though I had little success with it a few weeks earlier, he went the entire night with Grace undefeated. If I wasn’t so flattered that a complete stranger had ‘netdecked’ me, I probably would have been jealous of how well he played it.

Perhaps if we’re lucky lightning will strike twice!

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Crime Lords Month: The Enforcers

April 1, 2008

 Welcome to the first installment of the site’s coverage of Crime Lords Month, presented by The Brave and the Blog, and Lost Hemisphere! The entire goal of this endeavor is to celebrate one of VS’ most underrated teams, through building new decks and spotlighting some underrated Crime Lords characters.

As you know I’m a big fan of thugs here at The Brave and the Blog. There’s no telling what Crime Lords will look like in Marvel Universe, but I can only hope that three of my favorite thugs will make an appearance somehow…

montana2.jpg fancydan3.jpg ox2.jpg

The Enforcers! Are you excited yet? Awesome!

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Gotham Girls

March 31, 2008

I grew up on Batman: The Animated Series, and as a result I’ve always had a fondness for Harley Quinn. Harley, just like Renee Montoya, was created specifically for the cartoon, but quickly found herself thrust into the mainstream DC Universe.

In fact, she even headlined her own comic series for 38 issues earlier from 2001-2003: that’s 13 issues more than the latest Aquaman and Doom Patrol had before they were cancelled. In her time she’s faced Batman, Amazons, the Justice League — even the New Gods, and came out on top.


My original plan was to build a Harley & Ivy deck, but there are few cards to support this pairing in VS. (and even fewer in Silver or Modern Age!) So although the two of them might not be enough to flesh out an entire deck, let’s try opening things up to some of their friends.

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