How Did it Go?

May 9, 2008

It went well! We had about ten people show up, and I’m under the impression that everyone had a good time.

The Top 4 is as follows:

1) Marvel Knights KO Fest
2) World’s Finest (Me, yay! Decklist is posted after the jump.)
3) Revenge Squad Front Row
4) Fantastic Four

There were three World’s Finest variants in our small group, one of which was almost identical to mine. I ended up playing against both of them, and both of those matches went to turn 9. I don’t run a 9 drop in my deck, but since I had the initiative I was able to push things over the top in terms of damage.

Although my deck packs 3 Skrees, its was not enough to counter the insane KO shenanigans of Marvel Knights. It’s an incredibly solid deck, so I have no problems with my loss.

In a format with such little hidden hate decks like this or Birds of Prey can go virtually unopposed. I’ll be racking my brain over the next few days to come up with some answers to this dilemma. Well played, good sir.

Next week we hope to get some new faces in the crowd. Our format?

Bring Your Own Set Un-Silver!

That’s right kids, anything older than Silver Age is legal! See you there!

My World’s Finest – Modern, Bring Your Own Set

4x Alfred Pennyworth
4x Maggie Sawyer
3x Harvey Bullock, Gotham Central
4x Natasha Irons * Steel
4x Barbara Gordon * Oracle, Hacker Elite
4x Batman, Twilight Vigilante
1x Tim Drake * Robin, Titan in Command
3x Superman, Man of Tomorrow
1x Kate Kane * Batwoman
1x Batman, Cape and Cowl
1x Dinah Laurel Lance * Black Canary, Cry in the Dark
1x Superman, Deterrant Force
1x Kara Zor El * Supergirl, Claire Connors

4x The Hook-Up
4x Bat-Signal
4x Impervious
4x At Their Finest
3x Skree!
2x For the Man Who Has Everything
2x Bat Got Your Tongue
2x Best of the Best
2x Soaring to New Heights
1x Brains and Brawn


2 Responses to “How Did it Go?”

  1. Patrick Says:

    What’s up, Josh? You’re right, that tournament was very fun and cool. I just can’t believe you beat Daisuke when he played a 9-drop and you played a 6-drop on turn 9! Who knew Black Canary is better than Superman?!

  2. Tony Says:

    Sounds like a good time.

    I used to play Magic with some people years back (we’re talking 8 years ago?) and it was always fun. This was during high school and it was always surprising how many different types of people played the game.

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