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Breaking You: Arkham Discard

September 5, 2008

The goal of ‘Breaking You’ is to spotlight overlooked themes in the game, and to use cards that might not otherwise see a lot of play. Also, whenever possible, we’re going to try and make these decks affordable for new players (ie: Random Punks.) This week we’ll be looking at the Arkham Inmates, who have seen almost no play whatsoever in Silver or Modern Age.

This will not be a deck for the faint of heart. Let’s do this, people!

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Oreo League Report: 6/25/08

June 27, 2008

Last night our regulars were in full force, and everyone was excited to play their new Marvel Universe cards. Crime Lords had a stellar showing last week, so I decided to put the Red Skull away (for now) and try out something a little different for Modern night.

Yesterday marked Warren Ellis’ last issue on the Thunderbolts comic book, and despite the occasional delays it stands out as one of the best comics Marvel has published in ages. To honor this occasion I put together a Thunderbolts build, choosing to rely on their +1/+1 counter theme. The results were a little mixed, but I had a lot of fun and won more than I didn’t.

Other noteworthy decks were Alpha Knights, Superbitches, Clash of Caps, and HULK! I really need to start coming up with some answers for The Hulk, because right now I got nothing. It should be interesting to see what our local scene looks like once people stop trying to get Hulk rares, and focus on the other awesome teams featured in MUN.

Oh, and I brought Oreos for our baked good this week. People criticized me for not baking something myself, but at the end of the night that cookie box was EMPTY! Oreos aren’t so bad when you’re hungry, now are they?

Deck list after the jump!

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Hobby League Report: 6/19/08

June 20, 2008

Dear Red Skull, I love you.

We had an excellent turnout in our Hobby League this week. 9 people showed up, many of them with shiny MUN cards in hand. After skipping last week’s HL it was great to have such a big crowd. Almost everyone was using new MUN, so that helped spice things up as well.

My Illuminati deck is taking longer than I’d like to compile, so I decided to make a Red Skull deck.

In the end the Top 4 was selected through Win/Loss records, which put me and the Red Skull right on top. I was shocked by how well the deck played, since I threw it together only a few minutes after showing up. Of course, I think that’s what everyone else did… hm.

The Line-Up:

  • 2x Hulk Warbound
  • 1x Red Skull / Crime Lords (Me. Obviously)
  • 1x SHIELD Army Burn
  • 1x Kree Press
  • 1x Secret Avengers
  • 1x Heralds/Inhumans
  • 1x Skrulls/Inhumans
  • 1x Um…. I honestly don’t recall. I’m sure it was way cool, though.

Either way, the top four was Red Skull, Hulk, SHIELD and more Hulk.

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Hobby League: Say Goodnight, Grace!

March 11, 2008

Remember Grace?


I do. Heck. How could I forget her? When the World’s Finest set was previewed this card was almost universally praised, yet it’s many months later and I don’t think I have ever seen a deck featuring the card. What gives?

Well, as you can guess (or maybe not, I shouldn’t overestimate my audience,) I finally figured out what I’m bringing to the Hobby League!

 Goodnight, Grace!

4x Thunder, Anissa Pierce
3x Halo, Gabrielle Doe
4x Grace Choi
3x Katana, Tatsu Yamashiro
4x Batman, Problem Solver
2x Barbara Gordon * Oracle, Hacker Elite
1x Catwoman, Feline Fatale
4x Huntress, Harsh Mistress
2x Batman, Twilight Vigilante
3x Grace, The Bouncer

3x Soul Slicer
3x Fighting the Liar
4x The Hook-Up
2x Training Day
4x Bat-Signal
4x Taking Out the Trash
4x Crackshot
3x Skreee!

3x Batmobile, Burn Rubber

This deck is BYOS and Random Punks legal, so that’s kind of fun. As always, the plan is kind of simple: Hit big characters with tinier ones, making use of control-oriented Batman and Huntress to ensure that your opponent plays fairly.

On turn 6 you want to end things, bulking up Grace to stun a higher drop, recovering, readying, and stunning their five. You’ll also underdrop on 6 with Batman and Katana, which should lead to a lot of stunning and happiness. Thunder is mostly there for flavor, but also for discard fodder later on.

Grace should be your only visible character for pretty much the entire game, so that’s also fun. My biggest concern is getting the team-up consistently, and also going against other off-curve strategies. But really, I’m playing an Outsiders/Gotham Knights team-up without a single rare, so we can only do so much.

I’ll give it a couple of plays tomorrow and see how it turns out.


March 3, 2008

Hello and thank you for visiting! I’ll do my best to be somewhat entertaining here… so let’s get started, shall we?

This deck started out as a star-studded Bizarro World build, but I ultimately realized that I did not have the card pool to create what I had in mind. Besides, there is a perfectly consistent, affordable and powerful Legend abuse deck waiting to be used with the Hellboy Essential Collection. All you need is the poor man’s Bizarro (aka Clayface) and you’re set! 


8x Damn Nazis
4x Kate Corrigan
4x Basil Karlo <> Clayface, Slimy Shapeshifter
2x Abe Sapien
4x Hellboy, Little Boy
4x Hellboy, Anung Un Rama
2x Hellboy, Right Hand of Doom

2x B.P.R.D. Signal Device
2x Concussion Grenade or Jetpacks
2x Dual Sidearms

4x Cavendish Hall
2x Weapons Lab
4x Break off the Horns
4x Pancakes
4x Something Is Coming
2x Hunte Castle
2x Flying Kick or a tech card of your choosing.

This deck relies in the power of Something is Coming, easily one of the most powerful and underrated cards in the game. All you have to do is recruit Hellboy and you net a free card of your choosing. You can recruit a Hellboy on 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7, meaning that at the least you should be taking advantage of SomCom once or twice a game. Clayface is also vital in this deck, as he becomes a fake Hellboy, and can become the target of your various Hellboy-centric plot twists.

Mulligan conditions: Kate Corrigan and a Damn Nazi. Just a Damn Nazi should be fine, though.

Turn 1: Recruit a Damn Nazi.

Turn 2: Recruit Kate Corrigan, and bounce her back to find Cavendish Hall. If you have Cavendish Hall already, then flip it to crossover BPRD and Thule Society and search out something else.

Turn 3: Recruit Kate Corrigan, and bounce her to search for a location of your choosing. Try to recruit the 1 drop Hellboy and play Something is Coming is you have it.

Turn 4: Recruit a Hellboy, play Something is Coming to find a combat pump of your choosing. Hit something hard, ready, rinse, repeat.

Turn 5: Recruit Clayface, turn him into a Hellboy. The have him do the same thing Hellboy did. Your original Hellboy won’t be able to gain counters anymore with another visible character on board, but it’s not a big deal. Your multiple attacks should more than make up for your lack of counters.

Turn 6: Play Abe Sapien while recruiting a Dual Sidearms on the Hellboy of your choosing. Or if one of your Hellboys were KO’d, recruit another Hellboy with the dual sidearms. This may actually prove to be the better option if you have a Something is Coming in the wings.

Turn 7: If for some reason this game makes it past 6 (which is possible due to a lack of firepower in this deck) putting the 7-dtop Hellboy out should grant you a free stun, and force your opponent’s remaining characters into an uncomfortable position.

This deck should be surprisingly consistent, although it will suffer against rush decks. One idea would be to play Inner Sanctum, on 3, which would help when dealing with swarms on turns 3 and 4. Like most Hellboy builds, your hand size will be pretty large for most of the game. Feel free to empty it out with a lot of power-ups (especially since you’ll need a Hellboy in your KO pile for Clayface’s power to work.)