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Silver Age: HL 10/1

September 30, 2008

I got my wisdom teeth pulled out yesterday, and thanks to the painkillers I have been high as a kite ever since! Whee! Anyway, tomorrow our posse will be playing Silver Age decks. With MEV’s upcoming release now is the time to try and break MUN before it’s too late.

The one deck I can’t seem to wrap my head around is the SHIELD/Crime Lords ‘Double Agent!’ build. The team-up is simply too awesome to ignore, but there isn’t a whole lot in common that the two teams share. My first instinct is to stall out like none other, and throw in some devastating late drops… hm.

We’ll see what my chemically imbalanced head comes up with. It should make for an interesting night. See you there!

Breaking You: Arkham Discard

September 5, 2008

The goal of ‘Breaking You’ is to spotlight overlooked themes in the game, and to use cards that might not otherwise see a lot of play. Also, whenever possible, we’re going to try and make these decks affordable for new players (ie: Random Punks.) This week we’ll be looking at the Arkham Inmates, who have seen almost no play whatsoever in Silver or Modern Age.

This will not be a deck for the faint of heart. Let’s do this, people!

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HL: Clone Saga Preview

August 30, 2008

This Wednesday we’re going to be practicing the new Silver Age Clone Saga format at our Fullerton Hobby League. Although we will not be playing for the Marque Event prizes yet, it should still be a lot of fun.

Bonus points for the player who brings the most unique Clone Saga deck. If anyone does Spider-Man I’ll probably just curl up into a little ball and cry.

Clone Wars

August 26, 2008

In case you missed it, the new Hobby League Marquee Event has been announced:

Marquee Event: Vs. System Silver Age “Clone Saga” Tournament
This marquee event is the first ever VS System Silver Age Clone Saga event. For this event, players may build any deck legal in Silver age. During the game, the uniqueness rule does not apply to characters when recruiting or substituting.

Goodbye uniqueness, hello Mega Legend decks! There are a dozen or so characters who have three or more spots on the curve in Silver Age, and just about any one of them are a force to be reckoned with when uniqueness is taken out of the equation. Hulk, Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, Darkseid, Captain America and Doom immediately come to mind, but it’s the stuff I’m not expecting that really worries me.

I applaud UDE for throwing caution to the wind this time around — Perhaps now might be the time for my long awaited Luke Cage/Iron Fist ‘Sweet Crisis!’ deck.

HL Report: Wheelchair Abuse!

August 25, 2008

As I mentioned earlier this week, we took on the strange and annoying Triple Legends format at our Hobby League. However, I did forget to include one very important rule: These decks MUST be multi-team, i.e., at least one of your Legends must not share a team affiliation with any other Legend. Whoops!*

Omar brought a Cap/Iron Man/Spider-Man deck that was vaguely similar to one that Carlos had posted on his awesome site, while Ludin threw together a Human Torch/Punisher/Cap build that had to be seen to be believed. My initial plan was to play my normal Illuminati deck, but that wasn’t kosher with our group.

After some complaints I felt obligated to at least try and put something new together. With almost none of my cards at my disposal I ended up building… another Illuminati deck. But this one was totally different, I swear!

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Oreo League Report: 6/25/08

June 27, 2008

Last night our regulars were in full force, and everyone was excited to play their new Marvel Universe cards. Crime Lords had a stellar showing last week, so I decided to put the Red Skull away (for now) and try out something a little different for Modern night.

Yesterday marked Warren Ellis’ last issue on the Thunderbolts comic book, and despite the occasional delays it stands out as one of the best comics Marvel has published in ages. To honor this occasion I put together a Thunderbolts build, choosing to rely on their +1/+1 counter theme. The results were a little mixed, but I had a lot of fun and won more than I didn’t.

Other noteworthy decks were Alpha Knights, Superbitches, Clash of Caps, and HULK! I really need to start coming up with some answers for The Hulk, because right now I got nothing. It should be interesting to see what our local scene looks like once people stop trying to get Hulk rares, and focus on the other awesome teams featured in MUN.

Oh, and I brought Oreos for our baked good this week. People criticized me for not baking something myself, but at the end of the night that cookie box was EMPTY! Oreos aren’t so bad when you’re hungry, now are they?

Deck list after the jump!

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Hobby League Report: 6/19/08

June 20, 2008

Dear Red Skull, I love you.

We had an excellent turnout in our Hobby League this week. 9 people showed up, many of them with shiny MUN cards in hand. After skipping last week’s HL it was great to have such a big crowd. Almost everyone was using new MUN, so that helped spice things up as well.

My Illuminati deck is taking longer than I’d like to compile, so I decided to make a Red Skull deck.

In the end the Top 4 was selected through Win/Loss records, which put me and the Red Skull right on top. I was shocked by how well the deck played, since I threw it together only a few minutes after showing up. Of course, I think that’s what everyone else did… hm.

The Line-Up:

  • 2x Hulk Warbound
  • 1x Red Skull / Crime Lords (Me. Obviously)
  • 1x SHIELD Army Burn
  • 1x Kree Press
  • 1x Secret Avengers
  • 1x Heralds/Inhumans
  • 1x Skrulls/Inhumans
  • 1x Um…. I honestly don’t recall. I’m sure it was way cool, though.

Either way, the top four was Red Skull, Hulk, SHIELD and more Hulk.

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Illuminations: Part 1

June 12, 2008

So any minute now Omar and I will be receiving our case of MUN. This is very exciting news for us, clearly, but it also comes with a dilemma. Once we crack open a zillion packs and try to organize everything, we have the tough decision of choosing what team to build first!

The Illuminati!

Not since Enemy of My Enemy has UDE tempted players into building such a powerful jank deck. Six characters, nearly a dozen team affiliations between them, and almost no shared traits or abilities worth mentioning. This could prove to be quite a challenge, but if we managed to build a New Gods deck then the Illuminati should be a cake walk. Mm… cake.

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Cookie League Report: Darkhawk!

May 29, 2008

We had a smaller turnout than normal this week, and it made for a quiet, laid back night. The format was Silver Legends, and the decks everyone brought were pretty surprising. Two were Spider-Man, one was Galactus, one Beast Boy and one Lex Luthor (piloted by me. Posted below.)

The Lex Luthor legend is a lot of fun. Whereas Andrew likes to play good guys, I’m usually drawn to control decks (and by extension, bad guys.) My original plan was to make it a dual Joker/Lex Legend, but I figured that this would probably work out better. Plus, I love Revenge Squad, so it was fun to play a deck built around one of my favorite villains

Last night I also learned the power of Darkhawk. Ludin was running him in Spider-Stall, which at the time confused me. The character has vanilla stats, and a generic power to remove flight from certain characters. Isn’t there someone better to run? However, once again I was proven wrong. On multiple occasions he was able to lock down an opponent’s attack step, stalling the game further and further!

Damn, Darkhawk doesn’t mess around.

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How Did it Go?

May 9, 2008

It went well! We had about ten people show up, and I’m under the impression that everyone had a good time.

The Top 4 is as follows:

1) Marvel Knights KO Fest
2) World’s Finest (Me, yay! Decklist is posted after the jump.)
3) Revenge Squad Front Row
4) Fantastic Four

There were three World’s Finest variants in our small group, one of which was almost identical to mine. I ended up playing against both of them, and both of those matches went to turn 9. I don’t run a 9 drop in my deck, but since I had the initiative I was able to push things over the top in terms of damage.

Although my deck packs 3 Skrees, its was not enough to counter the insane KO shenanigans of Marvel Knights. It’s an incredibly solid deck, so I have no problems with my loss.

In a format with such little hidden hate decks like this or Birds of Prey can go virtually unopposed. I’ll be racking my brain over the next few days to come up with some answers to this dilemma. Well played, good sir.

Next week we hope to get some new faces in the crowd. Our format?

Bring Your Own Set Un-Silver!

That’s right kids, anything older than Silver Age is legal! See you there!

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