9 Reasons I Already Love MEV

October 1, 2008

With preview season rolling around I thought it would be good to recap the reasons why I already love the new Marvel Evolutions set. I can’t believe it’s time for another set already.

1. Cyclops Legend: Regardless of how you feel about the character, Cyclops has always been a central figure in the X-Verse and he is long overdue for Legend status. I imagine it will have something to do with his leadership role on the team rather than his optic blasts, but either would be a lot of fun to see represented in card form.

Plus this clears the way for Storm, Beast and other longtime X-Men favorites to receive Legends treatment someday. I mean, we’re getting Blink and still don’t have Storm? Seriously?

2. Multiple Man Legend: Forget Clone Saga, this is a Legend that will be specifically designed to break uniqueness. I’m looking forward to seeing a deck that breaks Jamie Madrox wide open, and more importantly I’m excited that he’s getting some love in VS. again. Peter David’s current X-Factor run has been the strongest X-Book since X-Statix was canceled all those years ago: the more of a presence the current team has in this set the better.

3. The Horseman of Apocalypse: Are Apocalypse and company getting a proper refeature so soon? I thought the Age of Apocalypse set was really cool, but aside from X-Men Assemble very few of the cards actually saw play. It would be great to FINALLY have an Archangel card with the Horsemen team affiliation, so I’m very excited about that. Plus, given that Gambit is receiving Legend status this time around it makes sense to spotlight his brief time working for Apocalypse.

It also sounds this ‘Coming of Apocalypse’ is an alternate win condition of some kind. Awesome.

4. The Potential for Hideous Rob Liefeld Art on VS. Cards: We’ve been spoiled with the likes of Jonboy Meyers, Ariel Olvietti and Ryan Sook for way too long. With X-Force, Cable and Deadpool receiving some major attention in MEV we’re due for some of the worst anatomy on VS. cards since Origins. I mean, seriously, how could UDE focus on X-Force without at least acknowledging their um… polarizing artistic choices.

That’s not to say this is a bad thing. No doubt these cards will become sought after collectibles, and add some much needed levity to the game. Just try looking at this without laughing.

5. Kid Omega!: Looks like there’s some love for Morrison’s New X-Men as well! Inclusions such as this lead me to believe that this is going to be a set for X-Men fans of every generation, not just Messiah Complex. Morrison’s run was the quintessential X-Men for me, but I know that everyone has their own personal preference.

Whether you fell in love during the Dark Phoenix Saga, Astonishing, or X-Force it looks like there’s going to be something for everyone.

6. Starjammers: On principle I hate it when the X-Men go into outer space, but there’s always been something cool about Corsair and his ragtag group of freedom fighters. I’d rather the Shi’Ar Imperial Guard get a full treatment, to be honest, but the promise of a ‘piracy’ mechanic is too cool to ignore. It will be extremely interesting to see how this translates into game mechanics.

7. RUNAWAYS: Finally! Oh my gosh! Getting confirmation on this is the most exciting VS. news I have heard since… well… ever. The Runaways are the best original concept Marvel has come up with in decades, and the whole team deserves a chance at trading card immortality. For the love of all that is good in this world please let the team get a full treatment. If this is an Alpha Flight kind of deal I’m going to be crying myself to sleep for weeks and months to come.

Oh who am I kidding? Even if the text boxes are blank I’m still going to be ecstatic.

8. I’m Getting a Preview: I can’t wait to see which card I get to preview. I had a lot of fun writing up the Bullseye, Closer to God one, and it ended up becoming one of my favorites from the new set. No doubt whatever finds its way to my inbox will earn a special place in my heart, and also, my decks.

9. MEV Exists. We Made it Happen: The doom and gloom talk may be overwhelming at times, but UDE is still selling VS product (and selling out!) because of our grass roots efforts. Keep buying product, supporting your local hobby leagues, and things can continue for a good long time.


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