Exclusive MEV Preview: Mystique, Raven

October 29, 2008

Oh Mystique! As the great Rodney Dangerfield put it best, you just can’t get no respect!

You see, our old pal TBS was discussing the suite of Legends for the Marauders this week and he let this little off-the-cuff remark slip:

“On the other hand, Mystique has a high recognition in the fame stakes (mainly due to the movies) while having a relatively low popularity…”

Low popularity? Low popularity!? While she might exactly not be Spider-Man Mystique is certainly no D-Lister. She’s been a major player in the X-Men comics for 30 years, and maintains a very respectable fan base. In fact, she had her very own series for a number of years. I mean, who doesn’t love a foxy blue shape shifting assassin? Nobody, that’s who.

Of course, I guess disrespect just comes with the territory for Mystique. She changes her loyalties almost as quickly as she does her appearance, leading everyone to wonder (and fear) what her true motivations might be. This was especially true during the Messiah Complex storyline, where she ended up working with Mr. Sinister’s Marauders and the X-Men, only to end up betraying both groups. Suckers!

But enough with the history lesson, Mystique’s shoddy reputation is going to change right now. I have in my possession one of the most powerful and versatile cards in the history of the game. Let’s check it out!

Mystique, Raven
Cost: 1
Marauders / Brotherhood
1/2 Range, Concealed

Mystique has all character names while in your deck, hand, or KO’d pile.

“Uh-oh, doesn’t look good for the home team.”

First of all, 1-drop Legends are always good. Second of all, wow. Third of all, wow. I’m not The Deranged Bear or anything but a few zillion uses for this card already come to mind. Here are just a few of them:

  • Mystique is functionally a power-up for every single character ever. Her Brotherhood team affiliation makes her a must in Brotherhood Reservist and/or Lost City decks.
  • She can be tutored out with cards like Uncertain Legacy for more power-ups.
  • You need to discard a Hulk card for Warbound effects? She’s Hulk.
  • This girl is going to be extremely playable in limited formats.
  • You need to discard or reveal a Galactus from your hand? She’s Galactus.
  • Her concealed ability and low cost make the other revealed Mystique card, Identity Theft, extremely playable.

Excellent card. Thanks to UDE for the opportunity to spoil it.

3 Responses to “Exclusive MEV Preview: Mystique, Raven”

  1. TheMadHatter Says:

    Nice preview!

  2. […] right?” • Cajun Charm – Again, HATE Gambit, but man he’s got some good looking cards. • Mystique, Raven – Now, Mystique? Love ‘er! • Master Thief – Another great Gambit card. You’re welcome. • […]

  3. I want her to steal a Ratcatcher for my Leapfrog deck.

    Highly unlikely, but a man can dream.

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