Exclusive MEV Previews: Nightcrawler, Brimstone Cowboy and In Ze Munich Circus!

November 21, 2008

Apparently the set is out, the cards are spoiled, and the party is over… but I’ve never been on time for anything. Lasst uns gelganen die Feier aufgerustet


Pretty much since his creation Nightcrawler has been one of the most popular X-Men ever. A lot of that is owed to the distinctive look given to him by Dave Cockrum. But much moreso than other X-Men who look cool and generally lack in substance (I’m looking at you Psylocke) Nightcrawler has a rich history and a lot of interesting character bits to draw from.

Chief among those is his devout faith, and his generally pacifist nature. This, and the nature of his teleportation powers, have made him an invaluable supporting player within the group for years. How many times has Nightcrawler teleported someone out of harm’s way over the years? Answer: A lot.

Now we finally have not one, but two cards to show our furry blue friend doing what he does best!


I really, really like this card. Moving back and forth between the hidden area has always been really valuable. More importantly he’s a member of my beloved Starjammers team; this will ensure that valuable characters (like Corsair) make it late into the game, allowing for some more awesome piracy. Plus Energize is the most awesome keyword of them all. Should Kurt become a defender he’ll be able to bring multiple characters into the concealed area, if only briefly.

And with some of the newfangled X-Stall cards out there (Cyclops, Iceman, Polaris) this seems like an awesome pairing. Speaking of stall, here’s something that might come in handy…


Hey remember when this card was blank? I do! Well now you know. The (limited) Nightcrawler legend is all about throwing off your opponents’ attacks, and I can’t think of a better card to make use of it than this one. The price may be a little steep (losing a defender) but locking down an opponent’s attacker(s) is even more valuable. Especially with all of this Energize nonsense, preventing your opponent’s characters from reading for the entire turn is incredibly cool.

My first instincts tell me that In Ze Munich Circus will have a home in X-Babies, where returning a character to hand is much less steep, and will cut back on dangerous breakthrough. However, I think this card could have a home in any number of decks. This just might fit in a Mystique legend deck; I mean, the lady was made to steal identities… who is better to steal from than her own offspring?

Just a thought. I’m sure your own deck ideas are going to be much more clever…

2 Responses to “Exclusive MEV Previews: Nightcrawler, Brimstone Cowboy and In Ze Munich Circus!”

  1. capspud Says:

    Why is Kurt feeling up the Power Pack? That is so uncool.

  2. HomerJ Says:

    Hepzibah (sp?) is soooooo yummy. She and Emma may be the only reason to look at an X-men book, and even then, I’m not reading the words, just the pix.

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