The Prophecy Fulfilled: Part 4

May 26, 2008

After many tough decisions my New Gods deck was finally ready for play.. or so I thought. Hours before the tournament began a couple of us from The Realm gathered for some playtesting, and I quickly discovered the multiple weaknesses in my deck. Combat was a disaster; although I could remove attackers from attacks I was totally unable to do much else.

In the end I took enormous amounts of damage, and in three matches the game ended on turn 6 (or sooner!) Something had to change, and I had very little time to do so. My back-up plan was a JLA power-up build, but with Nth Metals banned from the format that could also prove to be difficult. I settled upon a third New Gods deck, this time focusing on a shorter curve and heavily statted characters such as Big Bear and Valkyra.

More New Gods! (Bring Your Own Team)

4x Serifan, Forever People
4x Beautiful Dreamer, Forever People
2x Vykin, Forever People
4x Big Bear, Forever People
3x Sturmer, War Dog
4x Commander, Military Leader of New Genesis
1x Izaya * Highfather
4x Valkyra, Valkyrie of New Genesis
3x Big Barda, Barda Free
3x Lightray, Solis

4x The Source
4x The Exchange
4x Astro Force
4x Dogs of War
4x Blood Feud
4x The Prophecy Fulfilled

4x Moebius Chair

With my hastily thrown together revision I was finally ready to play, and although this build was a noticeable improvement over previous ones, it still wasn’t very effective. My first two matches, one against Underworld while another against X-Men, ended in failure. Both teams had too many tricks at their disposal (“Cannot be stunned this attack?” Really?) for my humble deities to handle.

Fortunately things finally turned in my favor on my third match, against a ckever Injustice Gang handburn deck. My large characters were able to keep his curve in check, but I was still taking an enormous amount of burn damage. Fortunately we reached turn 7, and Lightray’s burn ability was enough to bring them down to zero. And as you know, that’s all it takes for New Gods to achieve victory.


I admit that it was a terribly cheap victory, but I earned in. Plus, it was my only win of the night, so let me gloat a little bit. My fourth match against Gotham Knights was another failure, but I was too thrilled over my previous win to care.

In closing the New Gods are a terrible, horrible team with few redeeming qualities. They have low stats, no draw power, and huge difficulties in receiving and maintaining their cosmic counters. Of course, having said that I had a lot of fun building and playing with them throughout the week.

My goal was merely to prove that one could play a New Gods deck and have a great time, and that’s exactly what I did. The Bring Your Own Team format was perfect for the New Gods, and everyone I know got a huge kick out of seeing the team in competitive play for the first time ever.

There are a lot of ‘bad teams’ out there, but now I wonder how many of them are truly awful, and how many were simply never given a proper chance to shine. If you set your mind to it, I imagine that almost any team can be used to make an interesting and surprisingly potent deck.


4 Responses to “The Prophecy Fulfilled: Part 4”

  1. omnicresence Says:

    Hey, that was awesome! And I figure your original build will be much more effective in multiplayer, which is the format we play the most over here, so I can’t wait to try it out, or some incarnation of it at least… 🙂

  2. Ra's Al Cool Says:

    What about supertown?!?!?! Bah! Humbug!

  3. SuperTown is an awful, awful card. Plus I didn’t have any copies of it. Boo.

  4. Ra's Al Cool Says:

    But it says it’s super. How can you argue with that? How!?

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