The New Gods Fight On: Part 3

May 23, 2008

Yesterday we explored the characters available to us in our totally awesome New Gods deck, and today I’m ready to put it together!

After a brief (but meaningless) flirtation with the Forever People I have come to realize that the New Gods’ true power is stall. I’m not saying that it’s an amazing power, but clearly we’re trying to make the best of a bad situation.

As I mentioned yesterday, having multiple Mister Miracles on board should ruin my opponent’s attack step. This will give me the power to stall to later rounds, with Orion set as our final goal. Unfortunately getting to turn 8 may take longer than I anticipated: In some light playtesting Takion’s power has proven far too unreliable, so I will be switching him out with the much more aggressive Big Barda.

From a thematic standpoint I couldn’t be happier to have two Mister Miracles and Barda fighting together, but having an extra round of combat creates new challenges. Even with two super escape artists on their side, can the New Gods hold out long enough to achieve victory? 

Escape from the Fourth World (BYOT)

4x Soldiers of New Genesis
4x Beautiful Dreamer, Forever People
2x Vykin, Forever People
4x Shiloh Norman * Mister Miracle, Soldier of Victory
2x Sturmer, War Dog
4x Commander, Military Leader of New Genesis
3x Scott Free * Mister Miracle, Escape Artist
3x Big Barda, Barda Free
2x Lightray, Solis
2x Orion, Dog of War

4x The Source
4x The Exchange
4x Astro Force
4x Dogs of War
4x Blood Feud
4x The Prophecy Fulfilled
2x New Genesis

4x Moebius Chair

The basic plan is to remove my opponents’ attackers from attacks, using the combined force of two Mister Miracles. Commander will be shifted away to the hidden area so that he may continue to refuel Scott Free or Barda with cosmic counters. Given the low stats of many of my characters I thoroughly expect my board to be stunned out every round, but the recovery effects of New Genesis and Beautiful Dreamer almost all of my characters should stick around for the late game.

Preferred initiative is evens, since my Mister Miracles will be able to prevent most oncoming assaults. Also Lightray makes for an excellent off-initiative character, burning my opponent for 7 endurance and hopefully getting a stunback in the proccess.

I only need to make sure that my opponent is at zero endurance, because no matter how deep in the hole I am The Prophecy Fulfilled will be able to ensure me victory!

So there we are, a New Gods deck that the whole family can enjoy. Questions, comments, concerns?


4 Responses to “The New Gods Fight On: Part 3”

  1. Agent 44 Says:

    I like it. Can’t wait to play it tonight. I’ve wanted to build something like this forever.

  2. sterofsteel Says:

    Next to the name of your deck, you have (BYOS), which I can only assume is “Bring Your Own Set”. But Shiloh Norman is not from DSM. What’s up wit dat?

  3. sterofsteel Says:

    And this is what I get for reading aricles backwards. I read the first article in the series and now I know the tourney is “Bring Your Own Team”.
    I must commend you on this. I look forward to reading the results.

  4. ‘BYOS’ was a typo. I meant to say ‘BYOT,’ but I have since edited it.

    The tournament was yesterday and I had a great time. I’ll be posting a write-up of my experience soon. It’s just been a crazy weekend.

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