This Week’s Question: Part 1

May 19, 2008

Are the New Gods beyond salvation?

I mean, I don’t think I have ever seen a playable deck that features the team exclusively. There are clever stall builds out there using Highfather, and the infamous Blue Abuse deck, but are the New Gods capable of greatness using only their own tricks?

My goal is as follows:

EdgeWorld is hosting a ‘Bring Your Own Team’ event this Friday, a format which requires that your entire deck to be Mono-Team. There are no generic cards allowed, no jank, and no splashing. This means that a lot of otherwise-unplayable cards might end up in the spotlight for once.


More to follow…


3 Responses to “This Week’s Question: Part 1”

  1. Ra's Al Cool Says:

    I know you want a single team, but when Heralds came out, the first team I thought of teaming them up with was the hidden Inhumans to move that guy that gives new gods dudes invulnerability into the hidden area. With the new location and the morbis chair, it should be a great start (if going that route)

  2. gdaybloke Says:

    I support and/or endorse this article/concept.

  3. Ras: I was thinking of something similar, but the nature of the format forces me to keep everyone New Gods-centric.

    The team appears to have two real strengths: one is plot twist control and the other is removing attackers from attacks. Whether or not these things will make for a viable deck is uncertain, but I’m certainly willing to give it s try.

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