Rise of the New Gods: Part 2

May 20, 2008

Yesterday I explored the idea of a Mono-New Gods deck, but was very skeptical about it’s potency. Today I am even more skeptical… But all hope is not lost, for we may be able to justify playing a New Gods deck.

Aside from Cosmic, the New Gods have several smaller themes at their disposal: Plot twist control, removing attackers from attacks, recovery and the Forever People/Infinity Man gimmick. Sadly, due to the lack of attention the New Gods have received over the years, none of these themes were ever fully explored. What we end up with is a potpourri of random effects coupled with poor (or worse) stats.

The power of The Source intrigues me. How can such a powerful card remain untouched by the competitive scene? We must make this deck work!

Aside from The Source, the cards I expect to make or break this deck are Shiloh Norman and The Prophecy Fulfilled. Shiloh’s ability is very simple, but removing an attacker (or two) could easily prolong the game into later matches. It’s not a perfect solution to rush strategies, but it’s not a terrible one, either. Plus, Shiloh’s Evasion will ensure that he survives until much later in the game, and the longer he sticks around the more annoying his power will become.

The Prophecy Fulfilled is an interesting win condition. Matches often end with both players in the negative endurance totals, and this is one of the few cards that hope for it. As long as your opponent is below 0 you win the game, regardless of what an enormous hole you have been dug into. Cheap, but effective. 

But do the New Gods have enough firepower to take an opponent below zero?

Probably not, especially since I am choosing to remain defensive. My plan is to have Shiloh Norman and Scott Free on the board, allowing me to remove attackers from attacks left and right. This will ensure that I make it to the later rounds, and with Takyon * Highfather turn 8 will become a reality.

Here is the character line-up so far!

Turn 1: Soldiers of New Genesis
Turn 2: Vykin / Serifan
Turn 3: Shiloh Norman * Mister Miracle, Sturmer
Turn 4: Commander
Turn 5: Scott Free * Mister Miracle / Metron
Turn 6: Takyon
Turn 7: None
Turn 8: Orion

Tomorrow we’ll be looking at support cards, and hopefully put together a rough draft of this awesome deck!


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