Where have I been!?

September 24, 2008

Moving + Life = Less Blogging. Apologies! Fortunately things are settling into a nice groove again, and I should have time for regular updates on The Brave and the Blog! Look forward to new features, new writers and probably a whole bunch of obscure characters/formats… fun times…

My most significant VS. achievement recently has not even been my own. My amigos at Lost Hemisphere have been working tirelessly for their ‘Summer of Love’ event, and it has been a complete joy to read. I was asked to submit two decks of my own creation, and I’m pleased to report that one of them is still in the running!

Defying common sense at every turn, my own Birds of Prey/New Gods team-up(!) has managed to advance to the semi-finals. If I have to be known as “That blogger who loves New Gods,” so be it. Granny Goodness knows I’ll be playing my favorite deities in the new Bring Your Own Team-Up format.


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